Top 10 most streamed Cameroon artists on Boomplay in 2023 

updated; January 15th, 2023 

The Cameroon music industry has been on the rise since the era of Makossa and late soul Makossa legend Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, and Late Wes Madiko who represented Cameroon music on world-class stages and competed with the best in the world in their prime.

With the rapid growth in the use of the internet and digitalization in Cameroon, artist have  created  account on various streaming platforms.  Boom, play is more of a  solution to African artist.

In this article, we feature the Top 10 most streamed Cameroon artists on Boomplay Music in 2023. 

Technology has digitalized the consumption of music and according to a survey by Kimbi blog Boomplay is the most used digital music streaming platform (DSP ) in Cameroon. Boomplay Music is a media streaming and download service developed by Transnet Music Limited. The service was first launched in Nigeria in 2015 by TECNO Mobile, Transsion Holdings, and now has over 70 million active users monthly.

Below is a list of the Top 10 most streamed Cameroon artists on Boomplay in 2023 which is arranged in defending order across all Credits on Boomplay Music.

10) Charlotte Dipanda: The tenth most streamed Cameroonians artiste is Charlotte Dipanda who also happens to be the most Followed Cameroonian artiste on Facebook The artiste has 5.3M music streams on Boomplay 

09) Krys M: She is the 9th most screamed artiste on Boomplay with 6.2M music streams from all her songs. Krys M's high single "Chacun a chance" has over 5.7M streams on Boomplay (14/01/2023).

08) Ridimz: Here comes the music dou "Ridimz" which separated in 2021 after releasing a hit song "Shabasiko". the music group currently has 6.2M streams across all Credits on Boomplay. 

07) Tzy Panchak: Greatness like his fans call him always represents. on this list, Tzy Panchak emerged number 7 most streamed Cameroonian artiste on Boomplay.


06) Locko: Former Universal music artist Arthur Samba who is well known as Locko has 8.1M accumulated from 17 different releases. Note: Locko is the most streamed Cameroonian artiste on Spotify with over 45 Million streams.


05) Cysoul: Cysoul is one of the most loved artists in Cameroon and also the girls' favorite. Cysoul who blew up in 2020 has been on the rise, releasing hits back to back! He has moved from an upcoming artiste to an established artiste in the space of two years and has accumulated over 8.2M streams across all Credits on Boomplay Music.

4) Ko-c: Njang Collins well known as Ko-c never fails to represent his fans ( Ko-citizens ) on any top loss when it comes to Cameroon. Each year, Ko-c releases a hit song in Cameroon, and as the day goes numbers don't lie. Koc has gathered 10.7 Million streams on Boomplay since 2017.

3) Rinyu: Rinyu who blew up in 2020 after releasing a cover of Simi's hit single "Duduke" to creating her hit songs has gradually become a household name in the Cameroon music industry with hit songs like "friend zone", "Controller". So far Rinyu has accumulated 12.8 Million streams on Boomplay with the most streamed song as "Controller".

2) Indira: If we're to crown someone as the queen of Central African Gospel music it should be Indira. At 20, Indira is the most streamed female Gospel artiste in central Africa with over 16.3 Million streams on Boomplay. Indira has a large fanbase in french Africa and has collaborated with many Gospel artists in the past. Her 2021 album "Souffle Nouveau" emerged most streamed Cameroonian album of 2022.


1) Bailly Larinette Tatah (born 8 August 1995), professionally known as Blanche Bailly is the most streamed Cameroonian artiste on Boomplay. she has been on the lead for the past two years ( 2021/2022). She has an equal number of streams with Indira Baboke but she arrived at 16.4 Million streams before Indira Baboke and recently released a new song ( which means she'll get more streams in the days ahead). 

With the use of social media platforms, many think that the streaming numbers of any artiste is related to the social media following of the artiste. Kimbi,s blog made a list of  Top 10 Most followed Cameroonian artistes on Facebook. 

That is the list of the Top 10 most streamed Cameroon artists on Boomplay in 2023. On our honorable mention, we have Cameroonian singer Libianca who is the new face of Afrobeats with a lot of potentials and might become the most streamed Cameroonian artistes before the year ends. She gained 5 Million on her song "People" in just one month and that is the fastest-growing Cameroon song in history. 

 Written by  kimbi.

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