It is no news that DJ Arafat is no more among the living Musicians . His dead resulted from an accidents which was recorded by a CCTV camera . DJ Arafat a popular African musician   from Cote D'Ivoire  popularly know for keeping the legacy left by the founders of Coupe De cale was reported to have an accident on August 12, 2019. The artiste is known  to be a good biker known for  speeding on the streets of Abidjan with his fans commonly referred to as YoroGang or Le Chinois.

After the announcement of his pass away the same day of the accident, a video surfaced on the internet  showing how DJ Arafat.s  bike smashed into a car, that crossed into his lane. He was on high speed that he could not control his speed which led to his dead.  You can see the Video Below

One of our followers inbox me to ask what CCTV is, which is the reason i came up with this post.

What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Close Circuit Television Network .
Founded back in 194 by Walter Bruch, they are commonly known as Surveillance Cameras. CCTVs are  created ti be used for security and other purposes/places such as  traffic monitoring,  monitor behavior of inmates, airports,casinos,banks , super markets and more.

                                                   The Basics of How CCTVs Funtion
A typical CCTV is made up of 4 parts namely: The Camera, the monitor  ,lens and Cable. The information captured by the camera is secured  such that people will not be able to access the footage picked up. The secured information is sent to monitors via wireless  links or cables.

Some of the different types of CCTV Cameras we could fine included ; the dome Camera,bullet Camera,PTZ Camera,Day/Night Camera and C-mount. some classifications of the different types can equally be based on the technology such as dark fighter technology cameras among others.

CCTV Systems has several advantages such as serving a source of evidence in crimes, monitoring businesses, scare away criminals,in taking crucial decision connected to a crime, investigation among others.

Base on the CCTV footage of the accident of DJ Arafat , the Ivorian musician, who do you think was at the  cause ? The car owner or the biker(Arafat) ? 
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