CCTV  stands for Close Circuit Television . They re also known as video surveillance cameras. They are use to transmit signals from one location to another which are displayed on a monitor , mobile phone or access through a streaming platform on the internet depending on the technology used or type of CCTV used. CCTV systems come with several advantages, to homes,businesses,community and the state as a whole. Let us check out some of the advantages of CCTV camera.

1. Collection of Evidence : The accidents of Arafat which lead to the creation of this post can be investigated  to determine if the driver of the car or Arafat was on the wrong base on traffic rules. Where evidence is needed in crimes, a CCTV Camera can be a good option to go for as it gives real  time records of the situation at hand.

 2. Crime Deterrent  : If criminals find out that there are surveillance Cameras somewhere , they  will shy away from that area. This is the main advantage when it comes to using CCTV. Shops and other business places that have surveillance Cameras helps equally in maintaining profits and fraud as everything is recorded, thus leading to transparency.

3. CCTV IN Record Keeping: If you are interested in knowing how many people get into your shop, when your workers come to work,  number of people passing through a given area in a particular period, then a CCTV is the best option. 

4. CCTV Footage and Decision making : Once more in the case of the accident that occurred in Ivory Coast between  Arafat and the driver whose name we have not gotten, those investigating the accident will need the footage to actually decide on who was wrong. This helps equally to provide evidence that will lead to a concrete decision. CCTV footage can equally be used to settle disputes between family members, in business , cheating couples among others.

jumia surveillance Camera

5. Increased Safety: If a crime or incident occurs, the CCTV Camer can be used to procide eveidence that will be used to catch the criminal. This serves a very great purpose in situations where we cant find a witness. This thus help to increase the safety of your business,employees,customers or citizens in a a particular town or area.

6. Monitoring Activity : The CCTV technology equally allows you to monitor your business from anywhere. This can be done from your smart phone , or via internet depending on the configurations and the camera. This permits  business owners or other authorities to check on activities at any time.

Since CCTV systems can keep record of what is happening in the absence or presence of an official, business owner or other authority, By monitoring the activities in a particular area or business,  will result  in peace around such areas as everyone will mind his/her business.

One of the main disadvantage of CCTV Cameras is the intrusion into someone's privacy. 
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