Are you getting the fun off social media?  Maybe you should have a second thought on your integration usage!

Its been barely two weeks since social media/internet users in Cameroon addictively attached themselves to this new tool or Application called 'FaceApp' . The internet defines it as...
•FaceApp is a mobile application for iOS and Android developed by Russian company Wireless Lab which uses neural network technology to automatically generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs. The app can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or change gender. Wikipedia
Developer(s): Wireless Lab
Operating system: iOS, Android

Just like any ordinary app on the app store we wish to bring out the best of it by actively integrating in it as a fun filled activity. Topping the charts photo manipulation apps we were dancing to the vibes of Snapchat and its filters we update  photos of ourselves on a daily for better experiences,  but generally we shy away from the other side [dangers, risks and consequences]  involved.

An app produced by Russians with a data base and lab that plays with your original face to produce a replica of it in another state is a call for concern. Going through the app store you can't help but notice that it downloads already stands at over 1.1million registered with a 4.4 rating bar since its rated 'FREE'[WOW!!!]

•Pay attention to details!

What are the dangers involved in this fun app?

It appears 'FREE' but it’s your information that’s the real price. The picture of your face can do plenty of damage.

•“It can be used to identify you and unlock things like your smartphone or other things and you want to make sure you protect your identity

•Understanding that Russia stands as one the leading countries in hacking and producing hackers  who will go to extreme lengths to steal personal information.
“We’ve seen hacks in the last two years of Android phones that use facial ID, that if someone can get enough photos of your face and can actually 3D print a head and unlock your phone.”

•Other nefarious activities hackers can do include selling your search history and your location to other companies.“A lot of companies trade data, almost like trading baseball cards like kids, and because they can sell it, they didn’t violate the spirit or terms of your agreement, but it certainly wasn’t what a lot of people thought was going to happen with their data.”
Overall, issues like this can pose serious problems in the future.

•“People’s photos being used to create fake social media profiles that look more real and authentic or to make a copy of your very own social media profile to then target your friends and family with a variety of different scams and attacks

•Precautions and measures to take..
However before you go using the app the best way to ensure your data is to check the user agreement before downloading these kinds of apps.

There's, always a dark side of everything good,  don't just burst of excitement and ignore the dangers underneath or underlining this app supposedly taking over surfers time and indirectly their information.

✍️ Fon Noel | July 18th | ©prodigysblog|
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  1. Informative Post. While FaceApp is being pointed out for gathering data by many users, it is also rumored that the app picks images from the phone & uploads on its server without user’s consent. No Evidence has proved these claims to be true so far. However, mobile users should be cautious while installing the apps & ensure no app is given any permission beyond its usage.


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