The Yabadoo  App   provided by MTN Camerooon t is an application (Android and iOs) watch your favorite TV programs on your smartphone without using your Internet bundle.
The App equally permits you to watch Videos on Demand (VOD) . This means you can watch your favourites replays,movies and series using the Yabadoo App.
In pur last post we saw  more about this app and some features it got. Today we are going to see the advantages of using this app together with some challenges in using this app.

1. Content offered is targeted to  Cameroonian : TV channels and movies. Indeed, the application Yabadoo offers two categories of films (French and English) dedicated exclusively to feature films Cameroon.

2. The ability to preview TV channels for 45 seconds even when you do not have a subscription. This permits the user to better make his/her choices.

3. The wide variety of channels (50+ channels ) . This  equally give subscribers the choice on what to watch.

4. Users of the Yabadoo App  can interact comments: users with a current subscription have the option to leave comments in real time under the TV programs.

5. The operator intervenes a few times to interact with users or to earn them recharge cards, as was the case a few weeks ago during the Cameroon Vs Ghana match at the 2018 Women's CAN.

6. The possibility of accumulating several packages for  TV.

                   Challenges in Using the Yabadoo APP
Regular buffering: the quality of the internet connection in the application leaves something to be desired. It seems that the connection is restrained, so we see buffering regular video; and impossible to watch HD TV programs. Which ruins the experience.

The packages are unlimited over the period of validity. Unlike Nexttel, MTN does not offer unlimited subscription to TV channels or bouquets. All TV passes are hourly. This makes the cost of the Yabadoo Mobile TV service much higher than that of Nexttel TV.

Only one music channel (Boom TV), I have personally loved to have more than one.
 Yabadoo in all is a great innovation. What are your thoughts?
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