Word remit is one of the top money remittance company in the world when it comes to sending money from abroad to Africa  and Cameroon as a whole.  We will see how you will pick up money with your money if the sender decide to use world remit . 

What is world Remit? 
This is an international money transfer company that allows you to send money online . The Company is focused on migrant communities. With world remit you can send money to many countries in Africa including Nigeria,Ghana,Cameroon,Kenya and others. Countries in Asia like Philippines equally benefit from this service. 
What makes world remit more unique is that it makes use of banking technology  that dominates Africa (Mobile Money). This  permits the sender and beneficiary to  send and receive money from the comfort of their homes . Money is available instantly for pick up. 

World remit equally allows you to send credit to your love ones in Africa. 
          How to Send Money To Cameroon With World Remit
I.To send money via world remit, create an account at worldremit.com
II. Select, the country you are sending from, the state you  are sending from,the senders country, the  method your recipient will get the money (Pick up, bank account or mobile money) and  , the amount. 
III. Click on send and in the next page. You will be ask to enter your credit card details or your bank account details , the recipients names, phone number, email and other details. The recipient will be notified by email and phone with the payment details. You can pay with VISA , mster card and other credit cards.                                                                                   For Cameroon the control number starts with CMRxxxxx. 
IV. Send the control number with your full names and phone number to ensure the receiver  is not faced  with any complications in case he is going to do a cash pick up.
              How To Pick Up Your Money  Send Via Word Remit
There are three ways you get  your  world remit transaction : 
*Cash Pick UP, *Bank Deposit      and  * Mobile Money.
                                           Cash pickup in Cameroon  
With Cash pick up, you will need  need to go to any Word remit partner and pick up your cash. You will need to go along with your ID card for the pick up. Some World remit partners include:
Express Union , United Bank For Africa (UBA) Wafacash , Banque Atlantique, Credit Populaire and Express Exchange  at the moment we are updating this post.
                           Word Remit by Bank Deposit
Money can be sent directly to a bank account using world remit. For the moment only UBA bank accounts can receive money sent with world remit. 
                         Receiving World Remit With Mobile Money
For the moment, you can receive money on your phone with Express Union Mobile.              You can receive between 1000-1,000,000 XAF.  If using express union mobile,you just need to communicate your name,email,phone number ,and adress to the sender.
                                 Receiving small amounts 
In  a situation where you   don't  want to receive a small amount of money, you can tell your sender to top your account with airtime. This is valid for MTN and Orange for now.
Have you ever used Word Remit? tell us what you like or hate about world remit.
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