In one of our post we mention how to receive money online in Cameroon . Today we are going to see the top 5 ways which you use in addition to the traditional methods we shared in our last post. We equally did a post on how to Send Mobile Money to Cameroon  too.

Many think they have no choice than using the popular methods such as money gram and western union to send money to Cameroon. There are are several ways which money can be sent to Cameroon with little or no stress.It is equally important to have many options so you can select the cheapest method to transfer to Cameroon or receive money in Cameroon.

Many Cameroonians in USA, Europe and other parts are commonly faced with making the choice of the Cheapest way to send money to Cameroon. For those faced with problems on  how to send money from Nigeria to Cameroon or other African Countries. Check out our post on Softeller. Let us get to  our TOP 5 picks for Money transfer to Cameroon.

Softeller is our number one pick. This is because it permits people to send money to Cameroon from many countries . You can send money into an MTN Mobile money account,Orange Money account, Bank account or make cash available for pick up at an ATM. The service is equally a fintech service made in Cameroon.

Softeller  can equally you to send credit to your love ones from abroad. You can equally use softeller to pay your bills or the bills of your friends and loves in Cameroon from abroad. If you have a company in Cameroon and based abroad, you can equally exploit softeller to make payments  to your workers online in a very cheap,quick and secure manner. You can get started with softeller by checking their website at

Bitcoin is a digital currency that permits the owners to send money  without passing through the bank.We wrote a post here on Bitcoin in Cameroon. If you can get bitcoin  somewhere in Europe,USA, ASIA or any other part of Africa. You can make sending money to Cameroon easy as ''ABC''. Here is  how it is done.
i. Get Bitcoin
ii. Contact a bitcoin dealer in Cameroon
iii. The Bitcoin will  make the money available to your recipient within 2 minutes -1 hr depending on the amount.

 WARNING       Please make sure you trust the dealer you want to use as there are a good number of people who can scam you. You can check out CRYPTO meet and  to get good deals.
There are a good number of bitcoin solutions in Cameroon such as Crypto Africa Trade, Yuscards, Liyeplimal,world Gen and more. We  can always assist you at
                               Want to Learn About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Azimo is an international payment platform that permits you to send money to over 50 countries including Cameroon.

Cameroonians  in Europe can equally benefit from this service by sending money to Nigeria,Poland,Phillipines, Russia,Kenya,Ghana,India.Brazil,Argentina, Pakistan,Bangladesh,Colombia , India and more.
Azimo works  best for those  are in Europe. At the moment sending money from USA and ASIA is not possible with Azimo. But their fees are very competitive.

If you are in UK , Spain or any other Country  sign up for AZIMO here ( This is my affiliate link, I will get commission if you do money transfer. ) This service is more popular in Nigeria as they allow clients to send to banks, mobile or allow cash pick ups . The service is affordable, faster and safer so worth trying if you want to send money to Cameroon.

New Users of AZIMO are entitled to a zero fee for their first three transaction

World remit is one of the best way to send money to Cameroon. One of their innovative services was the option to send money into a Mobile money account. Unfortunately money transfer  to mobile money accounts was suspended using world remit.

With World Remit , you can send money to over 140 countries including Cameroon. You can send money to Bank accounts,Mobile money or allow  the receiver to pick up at an agent. You can equally top up mobile phones  in Cameroon with world remits .

The company is doing quiet well in Africa and worth trying it.
I am still using this option to receive payment especially from US ,UK and  France.You can watch the Video Below on How to send money using World Remit.

If you want to try world remit, then give a try here.


Send valu is another international money transfer platform that allows you to send money to your love ones across the world including Cameroon.

The Company based in Malta equally provide excellent solutions when it comes to sending money from Europe just like Azimo.

The service is trusted, fast and affordable. They offer great excellent fees with real time exchange.  To try , go to  Send Value

Here we go, We hope you have made your choice on sending money to Cameroon. Mobile payment solutions in Cameroon like smobile pay , and money transfers like Ria are equally worth  using when it comes to money transfer and payments. This post is to introduce to other services different from the popular Western Union and Money gram which seem to be the only option for some people. We hope you enjoy it and have tested the services. Share your experience or another option which you think is good to Send Money to Cameroon from abroad.

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