One challenge faced by Cameroonians leaving abroad AKA Bush fallers is sending Cash back home for their projects, for family assistance, or a tip to one broke friend etc. There are several options that people are using including the use of Bitcoin. With the popularity of Mobile Money, many people in Cameroon will prefer to receive cash into their MTN Mobile Money or Orange Money Account .  Mobile money is a form of digital money available on your mobile phones that can be exchanged for cash at an agent or the company offering the service. There are a good number of mobile money services in Cameroon though dominated by MTN and Orange Cameroon with the digital money service. Let us get to the Company of the the day.

Introducing  Softeller for Sending and Receiving Money in Cameroon 

 Softeller is a made in Cameroon service that permits you to send money to someone having a Mobile money account in Cameroon. Softeller is that best way to send money to Cameroon.

The company equally enhance payment of bills and airtime tops us. This means you can use the Service to pay the bills of your friends/family  based in Cameroon from abroad. So let us get to how  this service can enable you to  transfer money online to Cameroon into an MTN or Orange money account  .
For companies having workers without bank accounts, you can use Softeller to pay your workers with ease. You just need to create an account and add your workers as recipients and the deal is done.

Softeller can be used for both local and international money transfer  transfer.
Complete list of services offered by softeller can be seen below.


                        What If The Client is Not Having a Mobile Money account? 
You got covered bro. Softeller have an option for you receive your money into your bank account, or pick up your money at an ATM.

                             Soft Teller for Freelancers,Bloggers and Online Marketers in Cameroon
Softeller is equally a good solution to freelancers and those who  work online. You can use this service to receive money while at home in your office without wasting time on the boring ques for pick up while making more money online. It is a a solution i believe will boost digital marketing and making money online in Cameroon as getting paid instantly after offering was a challenge after the suspension of the World Remit mobile money service.

The process of Sending Money to Cameroon  In To  A Mobile Money Account Using Softeller

There are several mobile money options available in Cameroon. Softeller permits you to get money into your MTN mobile mOney and Orange Money accounts ONLY.
 Receiving money to Cameroon require your sender to follow 3 basic steps. These involves:
Step 1: Create your Softeller account at  and Activate it. You will need a phone number to activate your account.

Step 2: Credit your account using a credit card or a debit Card.

Step3: With your account credited. Proceed to Click on Send Money in your account, Select the country you want to send money in our case Cameroon. Enter the details of the recipient and  Confirm .

 And what about the FEES?
The fees are competitive. Below if the  fee we got from sotfteller official website.


  If you want someone to send you money using this service, you  need to share the site with that person . The person will create his/her account and send cash directly into your MTN Mobile money or Orange Money account. You can now spend as you wish!!. Have you used softeller before?
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