MTNCameroon the top mobile phone téléphone company an, number one mobile banking provider aka mobile money(MOMO) and leading digital and Ecommerce promoter in acameroon  is back again this time not with free call, free internet, free sms,free sim but something very unique.

This week people living in Douala will be able to have access to taxi for free. This means you can take a taxi from any quarter in Douala to another without paying  a franc. From bonanajo,Makepe,Bonamoussadi,AkwA,Newbell, Bonaberi ,Village,Logbaba,Feurouge,PK14, Ndokooti , and other areas in Douala you can get taxi for « Ndoh ».

« A taxi for the free carrier this week in the streets of Douala. 😊 Do not hesitate to stop Y'ello Taxi. »
 How to get have a Free Taxi Fare in Douala Cameroon 
 This offer is valid to Mtn subscribers. This means you should own an Mtn some card. If this is the case then stand by the road side and stop a taxi with the MTN poster on it as seen in the picture below
Not all Taxis are free. The taxi must carry the « Yello Taxi » mobile bill board on it. 
The drivers are equally putting on MTNCAMEROON T-shirts. 
If you are used to taking cabs then this is juts the perfect moment to save some money. You can use the money to buy bitcoin or buy bread and give to an underprivileged.
After Douala will be Yaounde and hope other regions will come in.

Taxis drivers are equally benefiting as MTN Cameroon has provided a good package for them at the end of the deal. It is a motivation to Taxi drivers and MTN subcribers . Many of such surprises ahead with MTN Cameroon.
 Enjoy your free date with MTNCameroon.
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