The Chocolate industry in Cameroon is one of the least exploited market in the Agribusiness sector. As digital marketing is outweighing traditional marketing with inbound techniques, there is need to make use of less unexploited industries  to blend them with the new trends in marketing to make money while creating an impact to the world ,your country and community. One of such Industries is the Chocolate Industry. The Chocolate market  is worth about $133 billion dollars at the moment this article is being posted. [1]

 Cocoa is one of the farm products in Cameroon, but finding made in Cameroon chocolates in stores is still a challenge. The market has been dominated for long by CHOCOCAM with its products like Mambo sold in most stores round the country. Alternatives  are usually imported brands.

 Chöco-Nuts : The Cameroon Chocolate Company 

   Chöco-Nuts  is a Cameroonian based Agribusiness that is tapping its own share of the Chocolate industry  by making chocolates available for your events in cities like Bamenda,Doauala,Yaounde,Buea,Limbe and others parts in Cameroon.

Cameroonians are people who love to celebrate. Everyday, there is always an event going on. So that’s minimum of 365 events per year excluding the multiple events on national event days. And people always want something new or special for their events and clients.
In addition, people love to brand their giveaways for their events but have no way of branding their snacks too. Also, businesses are looking for ways to stand out in the minds of clients and need unique gifts to offer them.

Furthermore, people are becoming very particular about what they eat and with the fast paced world; access to naturally packaged food is getting difficult. It is getting more and more difficult to get ready made food and snacks without additives.
Chöco-Nuts Company Ltd is changing all that.

                   What is  Chöco-Nuts All About Business Overview)

We are an agribusiness with operating in Cameroon with base in Bamenda in the North West Region. We also have distribution centers in Douala, Yaounde, Buea and Limbe.
We produce chocolate wrapped nuts that are beautifully packaged making it perfect for events and giveaways. We ensure to deliver food and snacks in their natural form with no additives. And to spice it up, customers can add their personal touch to the product by branding the cups with their personal messages, pictures or logos. That way, they get to make their events, family moments and client experience exceptional.

                                                The Difference and Uniqueness of Chöco-Nuts 
Most chocolates in the market are just plain paste or solid. Chöco-Nuts is the only snack in our market existing in that form which paste nuts and can be enjoyed fresh or frozen. Our Chocolate cups are equally Customizable.

We believe in:
* Excellence
* Consistency
* Integrity
                                 The Future of Chocolates and  Chöco-Nuts
We envision sharing our delightful products with a billion people worldwide and in the process, employ at least 5000 youths.

                                                   Chöco-Nuts Products

We offer chocolate wrapped nuts , giving you a unique way to enjoy chocolates. This comes in various sizes;
There are 4 available sizes of our products now. Clients can have the regular or customized versions.
1. Chöco-Nuts 25g (Regular or Customized)
2. Chöco-Nuts 75g (Regular or Customized)
3. Chöco-Nuts 110g (Regular or Customized)
4. Chöco-Nuts 200g (Regular or Customized)

Our products are enjoyed by both men and women no matter their age. We serve event planners, supermarkets, hotels, snacks and schools. Most of our clients are drawn to innovative and sophisticated products and that is why they can appreciate Chöco-Nuts and keep coming back for more.
The blend of peanuts, coconuts, cocoa, milk, vegetable oil and different flavors is unique and the fact that it is natural attracts even people with cardiovascular problems who go for its rich antioxidant content.

Our goal is to position Chöco-Nuts Company Ltd as the natural snacks leader. If we can get customers to associate the Chöco-Nuts brand with the absolute best service, then we can expand into other product categories beyond snacks. And we are doing just that.

Phone: +237 676 237 580/ 675 239 905/ 694 102 242
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  1. Great and nice deal.
    Love homebased stuffs
    Sure to consume to the fulles.


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