Blockchain and cryptocurrencies  have come to make its early adopters   millionaires. A true story is the success of the Norwegian guy who made $800 000 in 2012 with an investment of $27. This is what people had never experienced in real life. Businesses require high Capital to start, banks take all the interest and give its users 5% , Banks control your money and give you loans with high rates, banks allow money to be taken from our accounts in the name of charge backs among others.

Thanks to block chain technology we are able to control our money. We have put in place a website to keep you updated in this generation of digital transformation and innovation of money. 

 There are many ways to make money with cryptocurrencies today such as Investment,trading,mining and ICOs which we are going to see in this post.  Today we  i presenting to you one of the greatest innovation and opportunity that will bring money to you now and in the future. 
Please if you want get rich quick Ideas, then kindly stay away from this post. If you have vision and understand the power in concurrency you can continue reading. Feel free to ask question in the comment section. Before gettting into the Bankera Opportunity, I will like to brief you on what ICOs are

What is an ICO?
ICO stand for Initial Coin Offering. It is amethod use by block chain start ups to raise money. These for of raising  funds is considered an unregulated means, but at the moment,  countries like USA and China  are  have created laws which regulate ICOs.

ICO give you the opportunity to  own shares of the company as an Investor. This is done by purchasing coins. The value of the coins increases as the company succeed or grow. This is different from token sales which allows you to participate in a block chain project  earlier. ICOs are  bitcoin-like projects while Tokens are ethereum like projects. 
All these give you the opportunity to make money  with a small investment.

                    The Bankera Project: The First Block Chain Bank
Bankera is a project brought to you buy Spectrocoin.coin a company that has been in the cryptocurrency market for since 2013.  The Bankera project will permit you to convert cryptocurrencies to cash . 

Investors are rewarded as they join this project and you can buy  tokens with any amount. At the moment 1 BNK is equivalent to about 0.01 Euro. Bankera will provide everyone in the crypto world to make money, exchange the money from one form to any other type be in cryptocurrency or  cash.
 I tried with an  investing 25 Euro and at the moment  it is worth  about 125 Euro. 

I will not write much on the Bankera  here. Get your tokens, get rewarded now and get ready for the big future with Bankera. I will write more about the ICO details  on  

How do I get Bankera Tokens?
Deposit Bitcoin and  exchange bitcoins for Bankera. 
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