Bitconnect  made it possible for everyone to make money with cryptocurrency trading without any knowledge in trading through lending.  The  best opportunities today seem to good to be true: This does not surprise me when people label most opportunities that can change the lives of people as "scam". This is one of the reason why the rich get richer and the poor getting poorer in today's society. Bitconnect had been around for some time and since it creation people have made money with it .

Introducing Bitconnect The Platform for Cryptocurrency Investment

Bitconnect is a cryptocurrency plat form that offers investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency world. The top two investment includes mining and trading.

The opportunity that seem to good to be true is the Lending opportunity where you put in money and the company trade for you and pays you with upto 40% of your investment every month.  This has created many debates on the internet over the past This is far better than your bank that pays you 5% profits per yearly. Better take it out and invest in bitconnect because your banks are the biggest scammers. You are just fortunate to know the truth about your bank. Below are the various investment amounts and the interest you can make per month.
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MORE  Opportunities with Bitconnect Coin

Bitconnect is a  cryptocurrency itself . The value of bitconnect back in January was 0.23317
Bitconnect  has a value of 118$ and a market capital $789 million at the moment i am updating this post.  Getting a bitconnect account gives you the opportunity to get bitconnect (BCC) which is a potential source of income in the future .
  Is Bitconnect Really a Scam?
We all know about the volatility of cryptocurrencies.  making 40% monthly is very possible. Take a look at the Snap shot below.

I hope you can see a percentage profits of 9600% ?

This mean a 25$ investment can give you about 2400$ in 24 hours.
Bitconnect as i said is an all in one  cryptocurrency  platform . Having a bitconnect account permits you to have access to education ,mining ,trading and  have access to a  community of people investing in cryptocurrency.  

Check Out This Video On Bitconnect

     Here are the set of   People  who ThinK or Say  Bitconnect  is a Scam
  1. People who don’t want to take risk
  2. People making money with cryptocurrencies in other ways
  3. Those who are not interested in making money
  4. Experts who think they can advice the world
  5. Do you want to be Number 5? 
 If your answer is NO, then Follow the steps below to start with Bitconnect.
                   How  to Get started with Bitconnect Lending
 1) Create an an account Here
2) Once registered click on the green Deposit Bitcoin button.
3) Copy the Address then go to your bitcoin wallet and paste that Address and send any amount of bitcoin you want to invest. The minimum investment is  $100 USD.
4) After your bitcoin deposit has been confirmed. On the Menu click BCC EXCHANGE.
5) Go down where it says BUY BCC and click ALL then Buy BITCONNECT COIN.
Once you have BCC coins you can now lend it out to start earning interest.
1) On the Menu click DASHBOARD
2) Click the blue Lend BitConnect button.
3) Type in the amount in Dollars you want to lend to the nearest $10.
4) Check the "I read the Terms of use" box and press the blue "Pay from bitconnect wallet" button.
5) Confirm and you are all set to start earning.
Each day you will see your Lending Wallet receive funds where you can either exchange out to BCC then to bitcoin or you can click on the Reinvest.

Final thoughts
Cryptocurrencies since from day 1 of its creation (bitcoin) were called scams. Today ,it has made many millionaire with a negligible investment and more are still in the making. People are making money with bitconnect while others keep saying it is a scam.
More risk more money.  Are you happy with what you are earning then, you have the right to say it is a sam just the way Warren Buffet  called bitcoin a mirage. Today it is more than gold and going beyond gold.  
Bitconnect has one of the best trading bot that trade for you while you sleep giving your the possible to get ROI in just three months. This is real, this is cryptocurrency the innovations are still to come with more money.  You got the choice now

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  1. Hi, Ransom. I have never heard of this. I will like to start but i am not having bitcoins. Any suggestion on how to get bitcoins?

    1. Hi, You can get bitcoin online from our plat for @Crypto Africa

  2. I joined Bitconnect and have made money with it. It is not a scam. I like the way the interest is calculated making me believe it is very realistic. Thank you for the post. I will invest more sir

    1. Thank you Sanjay. Bitconnect is a revolutionary technology just like cryptocurrencies. Joining this platform is a good decision

  3. I don't really think it is possible to make this amount of money in a month. Why will the company give such amount of money to people?

    1. In the cryptoworld this is very possible. You can make up to 1000% withing 24 hours. Giving out 40% is nothing. They will give out such money because you are contributing to their market cap. Hope to hear you have invested in bitconnect.

  4. Bitconnect is just starting to hit the mainstream and is going to blow up soon!

  5. Ranson are there middle men in this business? If not then what's the use of platform's

  6. Potentially you could be earning? 48 a week from about four or five hours work. It is a payout rate of about? 9 an hr which isn't to bad this time. Earn Money in Few Days


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