MTN Mobile Money Online(web login portal) is an extension of MTN mobile money (MOMo)service which has helped many Africans to make use of digital money to Internet users. You can now use MTN mobile money online to send money. Thanks to world remit, you can equally receive MTN mobile money online. Today we are going to see how to use MTN mobile money online.
 The mobile money Online service provides an online wallet which users can use to manage their account on the web through a web login portal . This service equally allows you perform and tract mobile money transactions among others on  on the web.

What is MTN mobile MONEY?
MTN Mobile money service is service that permits MTN subscribers access to mobile banking services with their bank accounts. The services is used by many companies in Cameroon including companies like ENEO,MRS,TOTAL,CANAL+ etc. MTN mobile money is the most used method of doing electronic  and mobile banking (e-banking and m-banking). transactions in Cameroon. The user just need a phone number and an ID card to have access to this service.
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Even though this post is written For MTN Cameroon Subscribers with Mobile Money accounts, Other MTN Mobile money users  in Africa can benefit.

Step 1: Visit The Mobile Money Online (web) Login Portal  .
Here you should find the web portal . Enter your MTN Cameroon mobile money web login details which includes your number and pin(5 digits) as indicated in the screen shot below.

Step2:  Enter your MTN phone number and Mobile Money Pin code ( Commonly know as the secret code used in  validating  transactions). After this stage a notification message will be sent to your phone.
 A sample message is  '' Please enter the following code:XXXX to complete your login'' 

Step3:  Enter the code your received and Click on Proceed. This should take you to your account as seen in the screen shot below.The code expires after 2 minutes. Make sure you enter it as fast as possible.

 Just in three  Steps you have access to your account.
As seen on the screen shot you can do the following when you have access to your online account. With your online wallet, you do the following:

 i. Check your account and transactions online.
ii. Transfer money to both MTN mobile money (MoMo) subscribers and non-subscribers on the web.
iii. Pay Bills online
iv. Schedule payments for a later date.
     Things to take Note
- If  making payments online, Click on send once. If your click on send twice your payment will be duplicated.  This happens when you are using a slow internet connection. In case this happens you need to call the receiver to resend  what he don't deserve.. If it is a token then call MTN Mobile money (8787 0r 7126) and request for cancellation.
- You need your mobile phone to have access to your online account.
-Some features of this service are still not active. 

What about Merchant and Businnesses that wish to accept Mobile Money as a from of online payment ?

Businesses and website owners can equally  accept MTN Mobile money as a means of online paymnet.  All this is possible thanks to the Mobile Money API. If your team can integrate the MTN mobile money API, then you are ready to get started.
This will permit your clients to make mobile money payments on your website. Some sites accepting mobile money as a form of online payment includes Kaymu (Jumia Market),GO Group(Go Students) and  Betmomo Cameroon.

 In addition to these services users can get the VISA card to make payments Online and withdraw money at any ATM in the world.

Thank you for reading. The mobile money online services is used  to send money ,transfer and and make payments. Businesses  can equally use the API to accept mobile money as an online payment. Any mobile money subscriber can use the online service as it require just two things (Phone number and pin code).   Hope to see you online with Mobile money AKA MoMO.
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Have you ever used the  Online Mobile Money Platform?
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  1. Wow, great article. Please how do i link MoMo to my PayPal account so i can do transactions online


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