MTN mobile money is a  mobile banking service provided by MTN Cameroon.

                     Mobile Money Registration (Creating a mobile money Account)
1. MTN phone number and a phone switched on
2. A photocopy of your ID card , pass port , driver’s license or any legal identification document.
3. 300 FCFA for initial deposit (Not always).
The process is free of charge.
Take these requirements to the nearest MTN service center or to any Mobile money agent in your neighborhood.
Make sure you remember your pin code ( 5 digit number). It is very important when it comes to managing your Mobile money Account.
With an active Mobile Money account, you can proceed to manage your account online.

MTN Mobile money Online Access and Registration
All MTN mobile money subscribers can manage their accounts online.  You will need your phone and your pin in order to do a successful mobile money online transaction.  It is every important when you want to do get your account statement or print a receipt.
Here are the steps to follow if you want to use the MTN mobile money online:
-Go to    The MTN Mobile money website
- Click on Registration if you have never registered online
-Enter your user name (Phone Number) and confirm
-By entering a captcha that is displayed just below the user name
- Enter the One time password (OTP)sent to you phone
-Create a new Pass word which you can remember
-Repeat the password in the third space and click on proceed.
- You will need to authorize web access from your phone.
  By dialing *126*1#

    You  Can also read   How to use MTN Mobile money   for more details.

I wrote a post on how to use mobile money where I answered some question regarding the use of the mobile money service. As I promise you in the post title, I will show you how to use the Mobile money code.
We will focus on *126# and 8126*1#  : You can read this post on how to pay to discover more mobile money codes.
            Let us start  by dialing the code *126#
-Mobile Money Services
-Afriland Push and Pull (allows you to transfer money from your bank account to your mobile money account and from your mobile money account to your bank account)
-Canal +  (To pay cable bills)
-University of Buea (To pay school fees and registration)
Others might be added with time.
Replying with the number that corresponds to these options will permit you to do your desired transactions.  For example ‘’Mobile Money Services’’ Will permit you to buy airtime, approve payment, send money and more.
Now, we are going to dial *126*1 code to see some of the options available
-Send money to
 Reply with this option if you want to send money to mobile money or non-mobile money subscribers.
-Pay bills
  Select this option if you want to pay Eneo bills, mobile tax and more.
-Buy airtime
 Chose this option if you want to recharge your phone or a love one’s phone.
-Pending approval
This option is used To confirm a withdrawal
Manage accounts
If you want to check balance, transaction and get account statement, change you pin or reset you pin,
Then this option is for you. GO AND TRY IT OUT.

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  1. why is everything in cameroon so complicated. one must always go to the nearest service provider in order to be satisfied with services of which under certain conditions is not even attained. Just for one to create a mobilemoney account which is simply following input steps in your phone, will warrant you to go to the service provider before achieving success to this respect. let us make this thing fluidify such that anyone can create it at any time, anywhere.

    1. Thanks for your contribution Mokosso. I think MTN has one of the best forms of mobile banking in Cameroon at the moment.
      Visiting an MTN agency at time is really waste of time in some cases.
      As for the mobile Money services, there are thousands of agents willing to assist you with the registration.
      You can equally make use of MTN mobile Money Online to make your mobile banking life rock.

  2. There are numerous approaches to utilize our cell phones. However, one thing is normal, the battery life just wont last.

  3. Please am not in Cameroon now but I need a way I can update my mobile money account online


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