Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial element that improves your website rankings for the better. However not everyone knows the ins and outs of SEO or understand what they need to do to help improve their website ranking. Google, and other popular search engines, thrive on the implementation of proper SEO. If you’re stuck and your website ranking is lacking, this expert guide will give you the run down on some powerful SEO tips you can utilise that can help improve your website ranking. Let’s get started.  

Best Ways To Improve SEO Efforts For Better Rank Position
      1. Deliver Unique Content
Every time you write something you need to make sure it’s unique. Duplicate content is a major killer when it comes to website rankings. When duplicate content is flagged by Google and other search engines, it makes it difficult for Google to decide which one is worthy of the higher ranking position.
Generally, search engine’s will decide this by analysing which website can offer visitors more value. To find out whether you have duplicate content you can use plagiarism checkers such as to check any content you write. To improve your website ranking you need to make sure all content on the website is unique, of high quality, and is relevant to you industry or what you’re talking about. Here’s some tips to get you started:
·         Make sure the content doesn’t contain spelling or grammar mistakes.
     Use high quality images to compliment your content. The images should be used from free to use image sites such as Pixabay, iStock or Please note you may have to pay for images.
·         Use keywords throughout the content that you want to rank for, however it’s important not to use them too many times. A good rule is to insert the keyword in the title, first paragraph and between 150-250 words. The keyword should also be added naturally in a sentence.
     Make sure the content answers the question your visitors have been asking. The more informative it is, the more traffic you will gain to your website, and the better your ranking will be.
·         Make it appealing using paragraphs, bullet points and subheadings to break up text.
Overall your content should be well written and informative. If it’s not, you won’t find any changes in your website ranking. 
2.      Link Building 
Link building is the process of building links back to your website. Backlinks are one of the main areas of the link building process and should be included in your SEO efforts to improve your website ranking. In general, the more natural, high quality links your website has running back to it, the higher your ranking will become. So how do you gain high quality backlinks. There’s a few ways you can do this and this includes: 
Guest Posting Guest posting is the process of posting a guest article or blog on another high quality website and having a link back to your website in it. Sounds easy doesn’t it? however it’s not as easy as some may think it is. When guest posting there’s a few things to remember:
·         You need to make sure the website your reaching out to is in your industry niche. There’s no point having a backlink on a baby website if you’re an oil manufacturer.
     You need to write high quality content that’s going to be useful for the website’s audience. The link isn’t the only part of the process, no one will take your business seriously if you write mediocre content just for gaining the link. To be taken seriously you need to make sure the content is of great quality. Great quality content will lead more people back to your website than what one link will, so make sure the content is of high quality.
·         Make sure the content isn’t duplicated anywhere else as this will only make your company/website look bad and it can affect the ranking of the website your guest posting on.

Social Media Creating a company page and having a link back to your website on it can also help improve your link building efforts. Not only that but you may also gain higher amounts of traffic as well back to your site through new interest from potential customers. Some social media platforms that would benefit you include, but aren’t limited to:
·         LinkedIn
·         Facebook
·         Twitter
·         YouTube
·         Instagram

Google Places – Google places can also provide you with a strong back link. By setting up a business profile you have the potential to really improve your link building efforts greatly. It will also help you appear as a professional business as well in the eyes of your customers. 

3. Improve On-Page Optimisation
On page optimisation is the process of improving your website pages so they have the ability to rank better. While content, as suggested above, is paramount to your SEO efforts, there are other areas that also require attention as well to improve your SEO and website rankings. These include: 
·         Page Loading Time The amount of time it takes for your pages and website to load is important to your website ranking. The slower your website is, the lower your ranking will become because more and more people will start to abandon your site. With minimal traffic running through it, it will hurt your rankings. 
·         Optimise Meta Details The meta details are generally seen when you first begin your search. It’s important to update your meta details and add targeted keywords that are relevant to the page that’s linked to them. This will help improve your visitor’s ability to find the pages quicker.

·         Images Alt Tags – It’s also a good idea to add the keyword of your post to the image alt tag as well. This helps for the page to rank better for the keywords that’s used.

·         Check The URL – The URL structure also helps to improve SEO efforts when done correctly. If you have an extremely long URL try to shorten it. Use the targeted keywords in it as well to help search engine crawlers to categorise it easier.
By optimising these key areas on your pages you’ll be able to improve your website ranking better. 

Gaining a better website ranking is all about how you use your SEO efforts to your advantage. By taking the time to implement these key areas you will see major changes in your website ranking. So, are you ready to improve your website ranking?

Aaron Gray
Aaron is the co-founder of Studio 56 and is a passionate digital marketing expert who has worked with some of the largest digital marketing agencies in Australia. He has been working in the digital marketing field for ten years. Aaron loves to travel the world to not only enhance his cultural experiences but learn and enhance his skills in the digital marketing industry. He is dedicated to helping others reach their online marketing goals.

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