Multi-level marketing ( MLM) is one of the most famous form of  business in Cameroon. Network marketing companies in Cameroon are increasing everyday bring many products in the Cameroon market especially health and beauty products.
Businesses generally use network  marketing /mlm  to increase their sales volume by offering bonuses to those who are able to introduce their products to new distributors or resellers.  This is an old form of business which even cryptocurrency companies like Solid trust pay,Payeers,Swisscoin and others using it to reward their existing customers.

   we went around to find out which MLM companies are actually operating in Cameroon .

1.   52 Weekly Pay

52 weekly pay is a virta cash product . The company offer investment opportunities to Cameroonians with payment option being mobile money,both MTN and Orange.   According to information we gathered from the website of 52weeklypay, users invest and wait fpr their money  to make profits. If you refer another person, you will be rewarded(MLM) . The company head office is said to be located in Bamenda . There is no product to market when you subscribe. You just have to refer and watch your money grow.

2. Edmark International MLM program.

Edmark is company offering health products to then public. The company equally offer opportunities   for network marketers to make money through MLM. Some products offered by the company includes,Meal replacement therapy,Red Yeast Coffee,Bubble C,spirulina among others.  The company has offices in Douala and Yaounde.

3. TIENS Cameroon  MLM

 Tien group offers products in education,finance,biotechnology, health and others. The company had been in the market since 1997 and is found in more than 100 countries in the world. The Chinese company founded by Mr. Li Jinyuan  equally has location in Cameroon  precisely in Douala.
The products available for MLM include beauty care and home care products.
I read some few reviews on the facebook page of Tiens Cameroon . Here is one i selected for this post.

In the last post:

4. Freedom Future Global(FFG)
 The product offered by this company includes books,DVDs and training.  That says it all about the company. The company is equally found in Cameroon , Douala.

5. Training Cash Business (TCB) 

Training cash business is a Douala based MLM network. The company works in partnership with , a russian network marketing company. We have not been able to identify  any product that this company has. If we find any we will update it.

6. JM Ocean Avenue  Cameroon
  This is a US based company that offer health products and supplements. Some of  the products includes, two minute miracle, anion pads, among others.
The company has an office  in Douala, precisely at Akwas nexttel building.

7. Alliance in Motion Global Cameroon

 AIM Global has been around for some time now in Cameroon with its members marketing health products and supplements. Amim global is a direct sales MLM company operating in many African countries , Cameroon inclusive. The Philippine based company has an office in Douala and Bamenda.

8. Trevors

Trevor offers health product to it customers. With their MLM network being just a single line matrix, members can benefit from sales,matching bonus,charity bonuses,leadership bonuses among others.
The major product of Trevor is ORAC which is said to have various nutritional and health benefits .

9.  Four Corners Alliance 

  4corners is an MLM business found in the USA . The company offer financial freedom training books to it members. This means members can market financial freedom e-books once they sign up, in addition to their re feral bonus. 4 corners team Cameroon is one the most MLM whatsapp groups in Cameroon where 4 corner alliance members interact.  The company is equally said to have an office in Douala, Cameroon.

10. 4ever Living Products 

This mlm company is based in Scotland. Those who are interested in their network marketing program sign up as distributors. The company is know worldwide for its Aloe Vera product.   I
4ever living products offers health products to it members. This permits  members to equally gain from recruiting and sales at the same time. This company has offices in almost all regions of Cameroon with main office at Santa Babara Bonamossadi,Douala.

   Programs like Beonpush,Yeekong, Leocoins, JWCC,ASCOBETO and others are companies that are said to be operating in Cameroon. We have not done any verification for these companies. Let us know any network marketing program that you know in cameroon, if possible the location of the office.

Permit me to share a screen shot of Mr Njioh's post about network marketing in Cameroon.
Actually i updated this post thanks to this great Cameroonian.  Let us promote Cameroon brands .
 we equally encourage Cameroon brands as well to engage in MLM because it motivates those promoting. But why are existing MLM networks in Cameroon not getting Popular?

Which other MLM company do you know that is popular in Cameroon?

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  1. Good evening to each and every one I have seen the various MLM that are available in Cameroon
    But I want you guys to Mazuma affiliate expertise
    Is a new company operating in Cameroon is one of the best mobile marketing network that I have ever seen in the his of MLM

    1. Thats right. I have seen many Cameroonians doing Mazuma MLM.But the options to register seem difficult given the tech level of the average population and knowledge on online payments.

  2. Sorry I make a mistake Mazuma affiliate expertise is rocking the MLM world

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  4. Take a look at this amazing APP For ios and for android

  5. Mazuma is a life changing program I call all the youth to embrace this amazing program it is what we call mobile revolution

  6. The last but not the least
    Mazuma affiliate expertise is not selling any products it is rendering service to it it costumers it is a publicity company where members do weekly clicks

  7. The last but not the least
    Mazuma affiliate expertise is not selling any products it is rendering service to it it costumers it is a publicity company where members do weekly clicks

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  9. Take a look at this amazing APP For ios and for android

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  11. Wow, this is interesting to learn and thank you for this top companies this helps me avoid scammers. All i want to know more how to do the process of signing up?

    1. Hi, select an MLM and inbox me so that i can help you with the sign up link. I dont sharre sign up links for MLM on my post.

  12. wow, great list. Is this all legit? I live in Orlando Florida and I am a mom. I am planning to do a business at home like joining an MLM networking. I found this source home business opportunities and this is great to know more essential information before joining such business.

    1. Thanks. I will like to know which one i s your choice.

  13. I got in contact with qnet which is a 2years old mlm it legit ??


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