The hacking of Facebook account is very common today. The reason is that once we create our Facebook account the next thing is getting some photos share and next is the fun and excitement to discover/enjoy on this social media platform.  Facebook has security feature that  you can use to prevent your Facebook even on mobile. If you are an existing Facebook user or wish to create a Facebook account then it’s important to ensure these settings are in good stand. 

In this post we will use just the ''Settings'' option on Facebook. You can check out the screen shot below to see how to do this.  

Using Facebook security Settings
On the Security section check out this 5 settings. 
1.    Login Alerts
The login alerts ensure that you get notified whenever someone login into your account from an unusual device or region.
To activate this , click on login alert and
   click on ‘’Get notification’’. 
2.    Login Approval Settings: With this setting you will always need a security code to login from another computer.
    Just login and enable this setting. you might prompted to enter your password to confirm.

3.    Apps Password:
No one can really tell how secure the apps with use are. To be on the safe side. Facebook users should generate an  app password different from their Facebook password. This is a good measure to prevent your account from being hacked because we used a ‘’fake app’’.
4.    Trusted Contacts
This is an important setting you should update in your Facebook account.
Here are the steps to asset this up
==click on trusted contact
== Click on ''Choose trusted contacts''
== Click on ''choose trusted contacts''
==type the names of friends you trust and confirm.
You need to add 3-5 friends in your trusted contact list. This  people can help you get your Facebook account if it has been hacked.

5.    Legacy contact.
This is an important setting to set up on Facebook for those who run businesses on Facebook. A legacy contact is someone who should manage your account when you pass away.
    This ensures your business is running even when you are gone to the other world.
To do this:
==click on ‘‘Legacy contact''
==Type the name of the friend you want and click on Add. Set up the other setting per you wish.
The next security setting will be on the mobile tab.
I will assume here that you can now get to the page displayed on the screen shot on this post. If not you can check the screen shot out. 
6.    Mobile Settings
You can secure your Facebook account from being hacked from your mobile phone or using your mobile phone number.

 The Facebook Mobile setting is very important in protecting your Facebook account from being hacked. To set this up. Click on Mobile setting and add your phone number(s). Enter confirmation code in the box displayed on the mobile tab and click on confirm.
   In addition to security, with an active phone number on Facebook, you can get updates, post and chat with friends even when you don’t have internet. 
    Set Up Mobile Pin For Security
With a verified and active phone number on Facebook, it is time to get to security.
If you look on the mobile setting tan, you will see ''Mobile Pin''.
To activate this feature, Click ‘’Mobile pin’’ and enter your PIN. 
Hint: Never use any number on your phone or date of birth as your pin
Why is this important?
With technology, someone can create and use your number to get into your account (spoofing). But with a mobile pin, the person will not be able to get into your account. It’s better to be on the safe side. You can never tell ‘’who is who’’ and what they can do. The Facebook mobile pin is really an important setting to prevent your Facebook account from hackers.
A Facebook account today contain many details about such as our names, emails, phone numbers, friends, notes, credit card numbers, apps we have develop among others. Enabling the settings in this post will help secure your account from hackers. I believe after reading this post, you will be able to take some steps in keeping your account safe from the internet ‘’bad guys’’.  
Have you ever been a victim of a Facebook hack? How was it?

Do you want a password hint? My friend said you can mix the name of your cat,dog,shoes,dress,grand ma's birth day and others to come out with something strong
adshffabdjdgsgsj7687826. can be a good one 
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