Blogger provides an option to set up a custom domain to point to your blog. However, There is no common way that this can be done. It depends on where you bought your domain domain.
Many people buy domain names on godaddy, for different reason. We will go through a step by step tutorial on how this process is done.

I have read some tutorials on setting up a custom domain on blogger with +GoDaddy . I noticed that the screen shots are not typical of the current design. This screen shots here are typical of what looks like ,September 2015.

In order to apply this tutorial to you blog, you must have the following
1. a blog hosted on blogger
2. a domain name registered on
          When we talk of setting up a custom domain on blogger, we mean using you own domain name to point to your blog not the way given to you by blogger.

There are two ways this can be done:
 I. on  subdomain for example(
You might decide to use a subdomain if you want use your domain name on another website.
For example an oil company that  has a website might want to use blogger to write articles about their service.
if the domain name for the company website is say,
the company can choose a subdomain name   '''' to point to their blog on blogger.

 II. On a top level domain(e.g
In this tutorial, i will show you how to set up a top level domain to point to your blogger blog.

 Set up your top Level domain to point to your blog on blogger.
Go to you blogger dashboard==>settings==>basic and click on  ''set up a third-party url for your blog''


Enter your domain name (make sure you use www.) and click on save, the following will display on your screen.
You will need the information indicated with the two red lines
Go to your godaddy account and fine your way to my domais tabs ===>Click manage.
If you can  not do it, then follow the screen shot below(Note that there are several ways to do this )

 Click on the domain name you want to use ==> Click on ''DNS Zone File''

Scroll down to where you see CNAME(Alias)

 under host you will see www  already wriiten.
click on the pencil icon to edit. Under point to, type can remove whatever is written there)
If you cannot find www already typed under Host, Follow the instructions in the next steps. Make sure you have something like this.
                              HOST                                      Point to

We have used the first CNAME indiacted on step 2
To enter the second CNAME(See second RED line on step 2)

Click on Add Record at the top==>select CNAME as on the screen shot above   and input the following

In the field for host
Copy and paste  info1 (step2)
Also copy and paste '''' into the point to field.
Click on Finnish when you are done.
make sure you click on save on the red tab.
At this point we have directed our custom domain to a blogger blog. But we will receive errors when someone type your domain name without the www.
To enable this, go to add record==>selecet  A (Host) and enter the following IPs.
Host            Point to

After entering the first click on add another untill all the 4 IPs are entered.
Then clik on finnish and again click on save changes displayed in Red.
      At this point, return to your blogger and Click on save.
Your will see the domain name displayed.

Click on edit beside the domain name and  Select the box displaying something like this.
                         Your can now enjoy your custom domain on blogger.
Have you set up a custom domain with another host? Share with us how easy it was.
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  1. Please how can i do this on hostgator? I will like you to write another tutorial on how to do this with hosgator. You know that hostagator and Goddady are the top so far as buying domain names are concern

  2. Thank you so much for your tune. This tune help me to setup my custom domain Runbd24.Com on my blogger blog. Thanks


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