Twitter is a social network which allows you to share text of 140 words (at the moment) just like in a standardbulk SMS text. Other common features of this site include photo sharing and Micro blogging.
Even though the use of this network is very popular in countries like USA and UK, Cameroonians are not making use of it.  Cameroon twitter users are not left, most account are not very active.
As of now (September 20, 2015) the highest twitter account has about 953 291 followers ,  the second  comes with 376 999  followers (Achile Webo) and the tenth 18 390 followers (President Paul Biya) .                                  These positions globally corresponds to 75,492,789   ,67,611,674 and 46,631,218 followers respectively. Businesses and entrepreneurs are not doing great on this network compared to celebrities.   Twitter is a place to be and get exactly what you want. I understand that we have about 1.2 million internet users in Cameroon and less than 500,000 twitter users. Businesses should understand that a business is better recognized if it has international audience. I don’t think you will like to end your business in your village or city. Think of taking it to the next level.
I joined twitter back in 2012 and understanding how it really functions was not that easy. Starting with zero followers was just so boring at that time. I was not very active on the network till 2013 when I needed a place to share my inspirational quotes. From then, I am very ok with my growth on twitter as well as my understanding about this informative social network. I will write more articles about this network in the days ahead. Today, we are going to look at some of the ways you can grow your twitter audience from zero to what you like.
Follow people of interest and those who share common ideas with you.
It is likely that people who share a common interest with you will follow you back. Don’t follow haphazardly.  There is a principle in chemistry which says  “like dissolves like”
 Use # tags (harsh tags) in your tweets
The #tag has grown so much on social media like Google plus, Facebook and twitter. It is a common way to link to people talking about similar topics. For example using #socialmedia on your tweets means you have joined the discussion about socialmedia. Your tweets will probably feature to those searching information on the topic social media.
Make your account outstanding
Making your account outstanding is simply putting the best tag line which shows what your concern and activities are.  A good profile picture and a cover photo.  Mention others  e.g  @azehrams in your tweets.
Tweet  continuously
Many people usually think being popular offline automatically will give them the same popularity online. The truth is it is a win-win show once you are online. If you have something to offer, people will follow you for that. Once you feel stuck you will probably see a drop in your followers count. The more you tweets the higher the chances of getting a retweet and subsequently a follower.
Retweet on twitter means you care about what the person is doing and will like others to know about his/her activities.  If you are able to care for someone then you will get a follow in return. He might metion you to his followers leading to an increase in your network.
Unfollow  those who don’t follow you after 1  or 2 months.
This does not just mean you should unfollow anyone. There are some accounts you will like to follow for your own benefit.   The reason for doing this is to keep your twitter account safe.  Your account a should always have a higher number of followers (Positive ratio). However, you  can follow up to   2000 other account without restriction.  So ,to maintain a positive ration follow up your follower:following ratio to keep your account safe.
Create a twitter list
This is a feature just like the Facebook groups. This feature allows you group those you are following .It also allow to find new people. It is a great way to find people of interest. I have not created one though. However, I am benefiting greatly from ‘’start up to watch list’’ on twitter. I have used this list to get some very active followers.

I think my methods are brief enough. Do you think having a large number of twitter followers will improve your business?
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