Hacking Protected Network
Two forms of encryption exist for a WIFI  ,WEP  which stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, and WPA which stands for Wireless Protected Access.
Most companies always chose   WEP encryption which is very unsecure and easy to crack. Sot wares like Backtrack and Reaver can accomplish this with little stress. 
As a security measure WPA OR WPA2 should be used to encrypt conncetions. This is  a risky method of getting free internet. It should be used by professional .
  Searching Hidden networks
We all know how popular MTN, Orange and the new NEXTTEL are so popular in Cameroon. About 26 companies offer internet services in Cameroon.  People don’t talk about ISPs like YooMee, SNS mobility,Alto, Creolink Communications, Connect, Web,Yooodoo Llc and more. Some of this networks interfere leading to leakages and thus free internet, since monitoring cannot be done.          A Software like PD proxy can help you detect hidden networks and again with some algorithms you will have access to these networks giving you free internet access. This method is not very popular in Cameroon. Mostly used by university students, it gaining popularity by those in need of free internet on their computers.
Internet access to hidden networks on the phone is by using apps like : JiWire's Free Wi-Fi Finder app which allows you to scan through Wi-Fi hotspots available. By scanning through the various hotspot lands you again to free internet. There are so many other apps that can allow you to get free internet or to browse websites like Facebook, Google Wikipedia and chat on WhatsApp. A lot of Cameroonians are exploiting these apps .
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