The mail i receieved from  Enrique de Argaez, CEO Miniwatts Marketing Group Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda regarding internet users had as introduction as follows:

The Internet is always changing and growing, as everybody knows. However the current situation involves changes that are much more complex and that require a more detailed analysis. From our perspective, the four main points that should be examined are the current high growth rate of Internet users world-wide, the increased use of smart-phones for Internet access, the mobile friendly web design, and the evolution of the social web.

Regarding world Internet users, our database indicates 3,073,047.787 confirmed users in the world for December 2014. The penetration rate of the Internet in the world, equivalent to the percentage of the 2015 population that has access to the Internet, is 42.3%

The desktop personal computer (PC) market is facing strong competition from tablet computers, smartphones and also e-readers like Kindle. Total PC shipments for 2014 were estimated at 308.6 million, down 2.1% from the previous year. Smartphones and other mobile device sales are skyrocketing because their many features, better batteries and reasonable prices. These advantages, together with lower Internet access costs are reasons for higher Internet usage in developing countries.

From the above consideration, it follows that the number of mobile-only Internet users is growing in importance. The number of mobile-only internet users have gone from approximately 14 million in 2010, up to the impressive number of 788 million users today, in 2015. This has consequences, because it is difficult to look at a standard HTML website using a smart-phone. New website designs called Responsive Web Design (RWD) have become necessary for accommodating all types of website visitors. Google has posted much information on the subject and developed a mobile-friendly test tool.

                    Where is the situation of Cameroon?
Cameroon with a population of 23,130,708. At the moment, the number of internet users stands at about 1,486, 815. This gives a percentage penetration of 6.5% and represent just 0.5%  of Africans penetration rate.
However, there is a future given the fact that the about 20miilion Cameroonians use mobile phones. There is a rapid growth in the use of mobile internet as well as mobile websites.  The penetration rate can increased by lowering internet rates and selling 3G phones in the market.

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