We have finally come to the end of our series ‘’Orange Cameroon Tariff plans (Orange Plenty offers)- Calls, SMS and Data with Orange Cameroon’’
We have seen seven different offers at different cost with different services. Now how will you decide whic to use? Which one is the best?
From my observation
Orange Classic and smart are good for making calls. I prefer the weekly packages wherever they exist.
Orange FUN AND RELAX are good for internet  and SMS
Plenty Relax and Plenty Smart are good for International calls.
You can make your own analsyis and make your choice.
Note that all these plenty offers have one thing ic common: Calls cost 0.8F per minute.
What is orange plenty after all this?
Orange plenty  is an  offer by Orange Cameroon which allow subscribers to make calls at 1F/s locally and 3.5 F /s internationally.   This offer is accessed by dialing #131*3# .
Special offers include the various tariffs we have seen in this series.
In addition to the special packs is also the SMS Plenty Pack.

Number of Sms  
Access Code
Sms packs day   
one day from mid night
 # 131 * 1 * 1 #
Sms Pack week
7 days    
# 131 * 1 * 2 #
Sms Pack months
30 days
# 131 * 1 * 3

Enjoy Orange Cameroon
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