Greetings to all. I have been on my journey to coding trying hard to understand the knowledge behind the web.  Websites are being created everyday on the internet . I intended to star this post earlier but due to the numerous e-mails and calls, i decided to give it a start before uploading my new blog templates.
   I will guide you through on all you need to know before creating your first web page and why not your own website. 
 Requirements 1.
 Self Motivation-Intrinsic motivation
     To begin a website require you to be self motivated and be goal oriented.. Think of someone like Mark of face book that we all enjoy today. His work started on a computer.
Personal computer
     You will need a computer where you can save your work. a website is not build in one day
Text editor such as notepad or notepad++ . The best to start with in notepad++
   As we proceed, you will see some web development soft ware’s like kompozer and Adobe Dream weaver which are better than the simple text editors above.
Domain name
      A domain name is of the form ‘’’’ this is like a road that leads to your house. So your domain name is what link people to your website, to keep it short.  You will need to buy this. Yahoo, Go daddy and go hostgator are my best places to buy domain names.
Web hosting account
    A webhosting account is an account where all your WebPages will be kept.   To keep it short.
  Today we will write a basic page and save and preview on any browser
       Today’s work
    Open note pad or notpad++
And type in the following code

< ! DOCTYPE html>
 <html >

  <title>what am I doing?</title>



Click save as, and write your page title ending with .html. e.g try.html and OK.

Go to folder where you have save the document and it will be displayed with the icon of your default browser as seen on the screen short. see image at the top of the post

Click on it and you will see a white and empty page. If you succeeded then congratulations  for taking the first step.
In our next post I will be explaining the meaning of what you wrote. While waiting   master the basics learned today and play around with them. If there is something you discovered, leave a comment to keep things moving. Happy coding. This is the beginning of the journey to your own world. See you next time
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  1. Thank you for this detailed article. It has been really helpful for my web design training in Chennai.


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