Last time i was explaining the          meaning of 1G, 2G and 3G networks.  In Cameroon, we have Nexttel and Sns Mobility offering 3G services while YooMee offers 4G services.  What are the various advantages of a 3G network over 2G and 2.5G?


1.Download/upload of large files is fast and easy                                                  2. Improved privacy                                                                                                  3.High definition Gaming options available.
4.Best for video streaming and conferences.
5.Best for Mobile TV. You can conveniently use you 3G phone with the help of a 3G network to watch TV live on your phone.
6. High speed internet
7.3G networks use the KASUMI block cipher instead of the older A5/1 stream cipher. This enhances security with 3G networks and avoids impersonators.
8.Possibility to use GPS systems.
9.A large number of files can be transferred over a 3Gnetwork.
10.Possibilities to use video on demand an audio on demand’

And more with 4G and 5G. Enjoy technology

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  1. Thanks for great info. BTW, here’s a free IMEI checker tool as community service to validate GSM phones.


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