Hello to all users of Bia Visa Card . Here are the steps you need to take to enjoy your card us. When you card arrive, Go to the website indicated in the on the envelope( See  website at the end of this post).

Step one

Go to the Login page and enter the following information

User Name; 4084 XXXX YYYY ZZ03
Pass Word; GGGG
Card number circled. Use as user Name.

Note. The User name is on the card and the password will be given to you after activation. It is written on the Envelope that came with your card.

 Step Two

Complete the form with your details. User name, password etc Choose a good password  and make sure you remember the responses to the security questions.

Click continue and start enjoying you online Account.

snap shot taken from my online Account with BIACash

 To get started  Click below

Login website Here   

If you are not having a credit card , you can contact me via ransbiz@live.com, so that yours can be shipped to you in your hometown.  The card can be used anywhere in the world.

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  1. just send me a text where i can have m

    ine 671879193

    1. I will do that now . Thanks

    2. I need one too. Here my number 650916441. I live in Douala.

    3. Ok Elvis. I will get to you.

  2. my name is mbah tezeh collins from yaounde and my email is ndonclinton@gmail.com . please i need one here thanks

  3. i will love to get this card, pls contact me through this number 678914826
    or through my email foubiemichel@gmai.com

  4. How do I put money into the credit card after purchasing it?

  5. How do I save money into the card after buying it, and what are the advantages of the card? 662369647

  6. I need the card. I am in Yaoundé and the numbers you gave is going through but no response. 678737000

  7. How do you recharge your credit card 💳 ?

  8. I live in Limbe and in need of mine. But how do I recharge it or withdraw money from it, when I get it?


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