I own a share on this great network. I am inviting everyone to join me at
GLOBALLSHARE (GAS). Shares are still open. You can get some for free or even buy. JOIN US  .
In the share market, After launching of GlobAllShare you may offer your GAS shares for sale here, for which you may charge the best price of the day. You may offer all your shares or only a part of them for sale.

You may purchase more shares from other users, thus you may earn even more dividends a month. You may pay for the shares from your monthly dividends after launching.
The shares offered by you for sale or your demand for shares will be visible for each GlobAllShare user all over the world.

You might still be wondering what GLOBALLSHARE(GAS)  is.
What is GloballShare?
It is a social network like facebook, twitter, my space video etc. However it is the best because there is freedom of expression and free networking.
Reasons why you should join Global share

1.  You become part of the greatest community in which each and everyone can express him or herslef without restrictions. No payments

2. You will get to know some top members as far as social networking is concern. These are not the boig names. you get to discover others elsewhere in the world. Get on
3. Own a web office where you manage your shares as a member or a shareholder of the network. Note that everyone is eligible to own a share with Globallshare .
4. Enjoy equal opportunities with social networks
5. Advertise on Global share for free. Get your business exposed to millions of visitors. Remember social network marketing has grown . it is good to join where there is no restriction. so as to get maximum exposure.
6. As amember of GAS, you can visit the SHARE MARKET where you can buy more shares or even sell the shares you have.
7.Get access to the APP store for those interested  to get latest Apps. This is all in one.
8. Send friend request to people who interest you so that you can talk to them in person and get inspirations or inquire something that has been bodering you.
     Get to GLOBALLSHARE  to see more about this great social network

This post is for those who want to;
-Become a shareholder, 
-Be a member of the greatest social netwok, 
-Enjoy chat with friends. 
-Enjoy free networking, 
-Enjoy great time with all in around the world
-Get to know about people, buiness, developments etc around the world.
Welcome to the globall share
Join and dont be left out.

Contacting Globallshare

 GlobAllShare Inc.
 o20 Broadwick Street
 state: London
 zip: W1F 8HT
 country: GB
 -phone: +44.8708898888

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  1. Thank You For Sharing. I use globallshare 2 month ago, it's As Like Social Site i use it. You will get 1 free share every day that you log in. For example if your total log in days are 20 then you will get 20 shares. Are You Know How to Create An Ad On Globallshare

    1. You are welcome Pulok. For the moment i advertise on Global share for free.

  2. currently not offer share on that platform. I could not found weboffice tab.... please help email me: saima.hosted@gmail.com

  3. Will verify in my personal account and give you feedback


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