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What motivated me to be active online was the fact that youths were involved in scamming. I will not like to lie against anybody for whatever reason. I love Jesus and am  aware of the commandment that says do not tell lies. I will like to earn whatever i will earn online genuinely.
 Thanks to this wonderful Cameroonian who called me today at 11:35.I am grateful for your contribution to build the youths with a positive mind.i will need you as my mentor. 
 i will like to make the following clear
1. I will like  to tell each and everyone that this post is not to tarnish the image of the hotel in question.  we appreciate the work the owner of the hotel and what he  is doing  to offer employment to Cameroonians back there in Buea.
2. I will like everyone to know that i  did not take the pictures.  The multitude around the hotel was sent away using tear gas.
3. This is not a fact because we got the pictures from those who said they were in front and took pictures. we got them from Buea.
4. I did not take any pictures in Buea. 
5. The name of the girl stated in this post is not yet verified. we also got the name from rumors around
6. I for one will love to organise seminars  or host  my visitors in this hotel because it is one of the best hotels in Buea with all facilities. 
 I don't know who owns the hotel and hold nothing against him/her. The truth shall be known. 
      Thanks to all readers  .

 This post has nothing to do with the government of the Republic of Cameroon, the university of Buea or Hotel in question. This post is to get the youths around the world  informed about what can happen to you if you are satisfying a married man sexually. The consequences can be painful like the one you will discover later in this post.

I know some will not believe what they will  discover in the later part of this post while others will do.  The whole of  Buea  wasout  on the 9th of November 2013. what for?

The University of Buea (UB) is one of the best universities in Cameroon. It is located in the South West region of Cameroon. Precisely in the Fako division.  The area is known as Molyko.

It is  the first Anglo-Saxon university in Cameroon. This University is made up of students from different countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Gabon,  Chad, Nigeria, Morocco etc. This university has students from all regions of Cameroon, different religious and social backgrounds. A such many activities flood the area in the domains of business, education, social activities and even secret activities which people always discover later. Talking about UB can take more than Ten thousand words or more. I will like to talk of a word commonly used by the UB girls.

  They is the common word used in Buea known as  “MBOMA”.  

What is the meaning of  “MBOMA”.  ?

In Cameroon, the biggest snake is known as “MBOMA”. Thus  when someone sees  a very big snake he will refer to it as Mboma, no matter the type be it a python or whatever.

According to UB girls A “MBOMA”    is a married man that wants young girls for sexual satisfaction. Such men don’t like prostitutes they look for young talented girls to destroy. However the love for money now our  days  has taken over the girls of today. Others also call this men Big fish
Where am I driving you to?

A Girl who name we got as  Etengeneng Marie Solange was swallowed up by a man who transformed into a python  . Others were saying this Snake-man promised to give this girl 50,000FCFA(  about 200dollars)

   I will not like to talk much just see the pictures  I got  for you. what is happening?



People observing 

This is the lady and the snake 

This is what I have to say
 I have seen videos of a girl had sex  to horse  and another one had sex with  a dog. Today it is a girl who wanted to have sex with a married man. Her own story did not end up that he had sex with a married man only, but he had sex with a snake and was eaten up by the snake. This is the end of  the life of a talented youth who should have serve her country or the world.
Dear friend look at the life you are leaving and ask if you have done anything to your family, country and the world at large? Ask if you have been just enough such that such a mishap cannot befall you?   Are these the signs of end time mentioned in the bible?
Answers to these questions will enable you to take a good decision on how to proceed with your life on earth.   Let’s strive to be perfect.  We  should believe in the Supreme being who is the creator of mankind. Jesus Christ is Lord.
Hold tight to your dreams and avoid being in a rush. Your time will come.

Numerous post on Facebook today about an alleged University of Buea girl swallowed today by a python in a hotel with a sugar daddy. I don't know how true the story is, but I will share my opinion.

Many say she loves money and has gotten what she deserves. I am asking myself, who does not love money? I refuse to underestimate the financial challenges people go through. One never knows. I also refuse to boast of the fact that I am so integral and can never be a victim of such. She wanted money! some of us, because we wanted sex, have had sex with girls on one night stands. The girls could as well swallow me if I GOT WHAT I DESERVED. She loved money, I loved sex.

I also want to appreciate all those who are so financially integral and are very ready for what they deserve.

Some are brought up by their parents to think that the way to get money is from sex with men. They have seen their mom do this for years in order to see them through school. They are brought up to think that way. The fact that I was unmerited brought up be God fearing parents should not give me the right to see others as bad. I didn't choose my parents, neither did she. What about the child soldiers in the middle East, is it their choice?

I am not attempting to suggest that girls should have sex with sugar daddies for money on the weight of financial challenges or desire for luxury. I seriously detest that. I use this opportunity to WARN young girls against that.

MAY I NEVER GET WHAT I DESERVE. I am a wretch, If not for God's grace. I am even afraid to say I don't love money. I deserve excruciating pain in hell for the abominable things I have done. Thank God Jesus was punished severely on the cross because of my sins. MAY I NEVER GET WHAT I DESERVE.
   what is your opinion?
pictures on ransbiz tv 


Facts and Analyses of the “MBOMA” story in Buea


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