Low transaction fees and high yields have attracted over $60mm to Plenty DeFi as the leading decentralized exchange on Tezos positions itself for further growth on the heels of CoinMarketCap and Coingecko listings of its $PLENTY token.

Dubai, UAE - October 4, 2021 - Decentralized Finance on the Tezos blockchain has seen exponential growth over the past few months with Plenty DeFi (https://plentydefi.com) leading the charge in terms of TVL (Total Value Locked) of around $60 million dollars, $2 million dollars daily trading volume, as well as the most contract calls of any DeFi dApp on Tezos according to DappRadar

Today, the project was listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko simultaneously after becoming one of the first Tezos tokens to get listed on centralized exchange Bitforex last week. 

Plenty comes at a perfect time as gas fees on the Ethereum network make it nearly impossible for new users to experience the power of decentralized finance and all that it brings. This latest DeFi gem is brought to you by a collaboration between Tezsure and DGH Labs, a Dubai-based Blockchain incubator powered by Draper Goren Holm.

$PLENTY’s purpose stems from a variety of different use cases defined in the roadmap, though its first applications will be swapping, yield farming, and staking.

“Liquidity is the backbone of DeFi. Plenty incentivizes liquidity providers from other chains to try Tezos; the most technologically advanced of all blockchains to date with near-zero fees and on-chain governance,” said Tezsure co-founders Om Malviya and Bernd Oostrum.

Those who hold xPlenty will govern the community with votes on new features, token burning, and general direction. Neither Tezsure nor DGHLabs will have exclusive control over the direction the platform will be taking.

Josef Holm, Founding Partner at Draper Goren Holm, said, “I hope Plenty creates that initial snowball effect for DeFi in onboarding capital from other networks to Tezos. Plenty was designed with the modern-day user in mind, taking advantage of the network’s low gas fees and energy efficiency by design - it’s perfect for the next wave of mass adopters.”

About DGH Labs

DGH Labs is a Dubai-based blockchain incubator powered by Draper Goren Holm - a leading venture studio and fund by Tim Draper, Alon Goren, and Josef Holm.

For more info visit: https://drapergorenholm.com/

About Tezsure

Tezsure aims to bring the full DeFi experience to Tezos by building DeFi components, developer tools, and more.

For more info visit: https://tezsure.com/

For more information contact:

Bernd Oostrum


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