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Today, many individuals, probably including you, are trying to make it in the travel blogging industry. As a travel blogging enthusiast, you must be thinking of ways to overcome the various challenges to attract a following. However, most new travel bloggers tend to make mistakes by following established patterns and imitating what other successful travel bloggers have done.


So, as you start your travel blogging journey, how can you avoid imitating what already exists to create your unique content and brand? Below are six tips for a beginner travel blogger like you who is aiming at gaining a following.

Develop Your Expertise and Experience First

Before you kick-start your travel blogging journey, ensure you avoid making a common mistake many beginners in the industry make. Often, many travel blogging enthusiasts launch a travel blog before they gain experience and expertise by traveling. Avoid making this mistake. Instead, take your time to travel places first, then write about your experience later.


Some of the most successful travel bloggers visited many beautiful places for over 18 months before starting their travel blogging. You can, for instance, start by camping in Mississippito build your expertise and experience to enable you to write unique travel blogs. Differentiating yourself as an expert in a certain niche will help you attract a significant following in the niche.

Select a Unique Medium of Delivering Your Story

Your success in the travel blogging industry greatly depends on your creativity and your ability to remain unique. This means that even the way you deliver your story matters and can differentiate your blog from the rest. Always try to present your travel story using a unique medium. If all other bloggers deliver through writing, make a video or a podcast that delivers your story.


Also, keep in mind that no two individuals can similarly perceive the same place, therefore leverage this to your advantage. For instance, if most bloggers in your niche are using a serious tone, you can include an aspect of humor in your blogs. You can also deliver your story using sketches, paintings, and illustrations to attract more followers.

Research the Industry

Another excellent tip to help you as a beginner travel blogger trying to gain a following is conducting thorough research of the industry. This is one of the first steps to carry out before you venture into travel blogging. Today, thousands of people who like traveling the world feel they can start their travel blogging sites. However, because you're a traveler doesn't mean you can be a great travel blogger.


First, you must understand what users in the industry want and the best niche to venture into before starting your travel blog. Once you understand this, it can be easy for you to know what to focus on and meet your blog visitors' expectations. Ultimately, this will help you attract a following.

Network Beyond Your Niche and Industry

If you want to gain more followers, ensure you also blog outside your niche and industry. For instance, you can occasionally write a blog on finance, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. And since traveling on a budget and operating a business while on vacation interests such audiences, you can gain a significant following. Additionally, using this strategy will give you a much wider audience compared to focusing on only travel-related blogs.

Develop Your Products

According to Forbes, creating courses and books can be a great way to gain more followers. If you're not certain which products to create, you can request your audience to provide their suggestions. Writing an ebook on travel hacking, for instance, can be an excellent way to offer your audience value while making some cash by selling the ebooks. Eventually, this will help you attract more followers at the same time growing your travel blogging site.

Always Update Your Travel Blog

Today’s users prefer following and sticking with a travel blog that keeps them updated on various travel matters. You can also use your social media platforms to reach out and engage with your audience. If you take care of your audience’s needs by providing consistent and valuable information, you can rest assured that your following will grow drastically.

Wrap Up

Becoming a successful travel blogger with a huge following is not easy, and it's a journey that requires hard work, patience, and strategies. However, using the above tips, you can significantly attract a following that will help your travel blog grow.

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