Instagram is an essential marketing tool to engage your audience with your brand. There are several ways on Instagram to increase your brand presence and get more engagement. 

Engagement on Instagram is measured based on likes, shares, and comments from the users to your Instagram posts. If you want to get more engagement, you have to create a great post with an attractive caption for your loyal audience.

Here are the 10 important ideas for improving your Instagram marketing campaign and get more engagement for your business.

1. Find the right time to post

The most important marketing strategy is to analyze and identify the right time when most of your audience will be active on Instagram. Posting images and videos to your account at these times can lead to brand success.

Instagram has an inbuilt tool called Instagram Insights, which provides data on your follower’s actions performed on each of your posts. You can use this tool if your account is a business account, and it automatically calculates the best posting time from your post performed in recent times.

The best time to post on Instagram is 11 AM to 1 PM in the morning and 7 PM to 9 PM in the evening. You can also schedule a post at the required time. If you are looking out to get more reach for your content, you could post it during the weekends rather than other days of the week.

2. Post-Instagram Stories With Stickers

One of the important methods to increase your brand reach on Instagram is Instagram stories. It helps you to post images in a slideshow format that disappears in 24 hours with the indication at the top of your follower’s homepage. With Instagram stories, there is an additional option to add stickers to your content while posting to boost interaction to your stories keeping your followers engaged.

Posting stories is a great idea to promote your brand more creatively by adding various stickers such as 

  • Question stickers

  • Quiz stickers

  • Countdown stickers

Question sticker

Question stickers help your followers to get more information about your products by asking questions.

Quiz sticker

The quiz sticker provides choices for your question and tracks how many of them voted for each option.

Countdown sticker

A countdown sticker can be used when you are launching a new product for sale, which creates excitement among your followers.

3. Create a unique profile

Most people take a look at your bio before they start following your Instagram profile.  So your profile information should be clear that help the user to understand your brand. Choose an identifiable and unique username for your profile.

Use an Instagram theme explaining your brand visually and creates brand awareness. The images that you post have to be consistent and attractive. Keep interacting with your followers to get more engagement for your profile.

You can directly add the contact details to your profile with your Email address, phone number, and your business location to help your followers to know in detail about your brand.

4. Keep Consistency To Your Post 

Post the content on Instagram at a consistent time. Plan to post your content twice a day to show your audience how well you are engaged with your brand. Give uniqueness for your brand in the post you are uploading. This helps your audience to remember about your products and increase awareness about the brand.

Use a natural image and follow a consistent theme to attract followers easily. Follow a regular schedule while you post to avoid confusion and ensure brand trust among your followers.

5. Use appropriate Hashtags

Hashtag plays a vital role in finding your content. Before using it, do research in finding the hashtags which are popular related to your brand. Use hashtags in your post to make a good reach. To make your brand popular, use your brand name as a hashtag in each content.

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags for a post but choosing fewer tags provides a higher response. You can see the number of people using a particular hashtag on Instagram by typing it in the search bar. 

6. Posting IGTV videos

The regular Instagram video has a time limit of 60 seconds which leads to a short video. To know more about the video you post, Instagram launched IGTV (Instagram TV) videos by extending the time limit. Posting these videos help your followers to explain in detail about your brand. 

You can't improve your views simply by posting a video. Some strategies help to boost IGTV video views on Instagram. Use the hashtags relevant to your brand, add IGTV video to your story or use the IGTV video link to your story to get more views.

7.  Adding fun to your post

An engaging post is very important on Instagram to engage your followers. Adding some fun content to your stories or posting some fun videos related to your brand provides a higher response among your followers. It keeps them commenting on the post, gaining likes, and increasing the followers.

Instead of posting an image or video, you can provide a puzzle that leads your audience to give a mind-break and think a little about your post. Think to use a puzzle that relates to their brand helping the user to remember your brand easily.

8. Conduct contest on Instagram

Engage your followers with your brand by conducting contests. Before starting a contest, set an objective whether you are focusing on likes or increasing the followers. Then start conducting contests by asking your followers to leave a comment by tagging their friends and using proper hashtags. This helps your brand to reach out to their friends, which may lead to follow your profile.

Use Instagram ads to target your audience you want to focus on and get more reach among them. This helps to increase the performance of your contest, and you can monitor it.

Once the contest finishes, post the winner on your Instagram feed by tagging them. Provide the award related to your product to the winner, which helps to promote your brand.

9. Increase website traffic through Instagram

The easiest way to increase the website traffic is to provide your URL in the bio or in the content you post on your Instagram feed. You have to specify your link to know more about your product. This intends the user to click on the link to learn in detail about your brand.

Share the links through direct messages to your followers with whom you are interacting. It helps to reach out to your website. You can also add links while running the Instagram ads for your targeted audience.

10. Advertise your products

Instagram provides advertising opportunities to grow your business in reaching out to more audiences. With this, you can target the people whom you want to know about your products. 

There are three advertisement formats,

  • Photo Ad 

  • Video Ad

  • Carousel Ad

The photo ad and the carousel ad are in the image format, with a difference in the carousel ad that displays images in sliding format, whereas the video ad displays with a limit of 60 seconds.

In comparison with these three ads, video ads perform more in finding your targeted audience. It helps you give a short description of your product, and people will easily know about your brand.


With the above ideas, you know how Instagram is an important marketing tool for promoting your business. By following the above tips, you can keep your business more engaged with your followers and reach tremendous growth among the people in this competitive world.

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