Hello guys hope you have read our review on Chymall Investment and The Chymal Company as whole . so we presented the the business a the strong side and what we thought does not make the business trust worthy so that investors can judge and measure the risk they want to take.

The name of the business is CHY Mall whish is a mega online shopping mall like kikuu, Alibaba, Jumia and the others .
The company presents itself as an E-Commerce business (online mall) that runs on a trading system called "NEW RETAIL"*
CHYmall claims to operates a new concept of trading called *New Retail e- commerce*
In their investment systems investors are not selling anything , What you simply have to do is to buy products and the company sells for you on a little commission and your get your share of the profits plus your capital after every 10-12 days. When your capital and benefits drop after these number of days you are now left to decide whether to withdraw your trading capital and stop trading or you continue with the cycle again for the next 10-12days.*
Chymall.net pays your profits in Chymall credits depending on the package you registered for

These packages have different prices. You can see more in our review .
The company equally offer free products that investors who are interested in marketing can market and make more money.

The payment you make for an investment package is a one time payment, and the trading capital is refundable
In the Chyamall business

You don't need to invite anyone before you start making money every 10-12 days.
You are not under any pressure to sell any market as the company sell for you
so the business offers investors to make money from their investment by doing nothing !!

1- Chymall brings a new retail model that might change the way we buy and sell products in the future at the same time opens an incredible opportunity for businesses as well as investors who can make passive income quite easily.

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Chymall

2-With the New Retail model offered by the Sairui Company, users can equally purchase products on their eComm website, get part of the goods delivered to them and the company trades the others for you and pays you profit after 10–12 days.

3- As a verified earner you get to select from different VIP packages that meet your budget and invariably determine your profit potential.

4- The Chymall eComm business permits/allows you to withdraw completely your trading capital should you decide at any time to back out of the business.

5- Chymall insists that it is not an investment platform, but only offers a flexible scheme where you can shop for goods and still partner with the company and reap passive income at the same time.

By selling for you, Chymall removes the major negative factor of network marketing hence making their concept extremely attractive compare to any mega online store out there
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