Content discovery has been the lingering buzzword in social media circles for a long time. It’s a game-changer and its new engines that are coming out of different brands are making it easier and faster for apartment marketers to locate, share, and check content across the social media spectrum.

Content discovery is like your personal social media manager for boosting engagement with your customers and followers. You can now find powerful and only relevant content for your followers and fans.

  • It’s engagement that drives social media marketing and the primary tool is impactful and relevant content. There are tools to galvanize a throng of social and web content to unearth the freshest and most in-sync content for your Instagram followers, and your Twitter and Facebook followers.
  • You’ll find an avalanche of fresh content suggestions falling into your web dashboard, mobile app, and email. You can use them to share the most fascinating and latest stuff. It will ensure continuity and interest in your social media presence.
  • The tool helps you find content that caters to every niche. Tools like Drum Up assess countless stories each day from every niche, interest, and industry. You’ll get recommendations from each topic or genre.
  • It’s all about leveraging the effects of content curation to bolster your social media presence.

Know the fundamentals

Running of machine-learning tools and technology, a content discovery engine underlines the pivot of location or zone in social media. It integrates geographical data and statistics to fuel content recommendations.

  • It also implements scheduling algorithms for determining the maximum publishing times. When you combine the components, such as scheduled posting and geographical validity, you basically empower and help multi-unit marketers with a formulaic approach to ensure engagement success.
  • Data plays a crucial role here. Apartment marketers need this engine due to numerous reasons. You curate and share gripping, relevant content to cater to pivotal rental audiences.
  • This is crucial for effectively building awareness about your community and enhancing your visibility and reach among potential and prospective renters.
  • When your social presence is robust and it helps communities in essaying an active role in the current renters’ digital lives, it invariably enhances awareness and commercial retention of your brand.
  • With content discovery, it’s a lot easier and faster for apartment and domain marketers to locate content and preserve their social media presence.

The best sites

As you know by now, content discovery is the procedure of finding relevant content on social networking sites, blog sites, and news portals, and other outlets. The main objective is to satiate the perpetually hungry and demanding machine, your social media presence and blog site.

  • It’s immaterial whether you’re just sharing the content to another person’s website/medium, or posting links and summations to the blog content.
  • Eventually, you act as a carrier between your content and followers.
  • When it comes to some top-notch content discovery sites, Google Alerts has to make the top cut.
  • Super easy to install and easy to control and customize, Google Alerts is very powerful. Primarily, it sends you an email every time Google marks or indexes a brand-new web page, featuring your keyword.
  • It could be your name, URL, or a keyword. The only con is that when you use a broad search scope or term, it automatically fills up your inbox with gibberish stuff and baseless results.
  • io is another prominent tool in this regard. You can regard it as a type of virtual assistant. It’s an automated tool that digs out content in compliance with your preferred topics. The alert automation through Slack is a scintillating feature. It’s very useful if and when your content team uses Slack to plan marketing campaigns or coordinate them.
  • Miappi is probably one of the most viable content discovery avenues when you’re actually showcasing the content it has helped you to dig out. It has designed the tools to locate the best content, but the tool is mainly about deciphering user-generated content on social media platforms.
  • You can then embed it in places that provide an optimal effect. The thing that powers and differentiates Miappi from the rest is that it has real customers and consumers generating authentic and real stories.

Other viable platforms

Everyone focuses on content curation, especially when its curating quality stuff. It has perpetually been a crucial element in your social media marketing directive. Effective and consistent curation helps build your social presence and establish your brand or your identity. It fosters your authority and reliability in a niche.

But to optimize this practice and derive the maximum benefits, you need to pull out content from trusted sources. There are many awesome tools that can help you in this regard.

  • Pocket explore is a big name. People have been using it to manage social presence throughout the years. With the number of links growing in their database, their discovery engine status has also grown.
  • Currently, its Explore tab is in BETA format. It’s only for desktop, but this discovery engine thrives on search. It digs out some fascinating stories.
  • The latest addition to Pocket Explore is its new functionality, a browser extension. By adding a site to your app, you will find new recommendations and stories.

A brief note on social media marketing

There’s a reason why a search engine site or search marketer focusses on social media. Both are mutually-inclusive. Social media platforms thrive on new content. In this respect, ‘discovery’ is a prominent search activity.

  • Social media also helps in building links that anchor SEO operations.
  • There are scores of people performing social media searches to find both content and individuals.
  • You can use the tools to read the latest trends, tops and developments occurring on major social media platforms.

Some End Notes

According to DOMO, more than 2,560,000 content go on Facebook every minute. The frequency is even more on Twitter. It can be challenging to find cohesive content.

Content curation devices are handy in filtering relevant content. It resonates with your followers or audience. Nuzzle, feedly, and BuzzSumo are prominent examples.

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Walter Moore is a freelance writer and has been writing articles for different publications and sites for the past 5 years. His hobbies include bike riding, fishing and listening to music.

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