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When getting an explainer video made, you can focus all you want on the different animation styles and the characters, but the one thing which is often overlooked, is the script. A lot of businesses undermine the power of a killer explainer video script. It has the power to break or make your explainer video, simply because you only have a couple of minutes to grab your viewer’s attention.

 If you are unable to do that in the first couple of minutes, you will lose a potential lead.
Every script needs to have a certain pizzaz to it, in order for it to work. Below are some tips we have compiled on how to write a killer explainer video script. Follow these the next time you write a script and see the difference yourself.

5 tips to nail an explainer video script:

1. Keep it short:
Let’s be honest here. Nobody has the time to hear someone drone on and on about their product or service, which is why explainer videos became so popular in the first place. So, to stay true to the nature of an explainer video, your script needs to be short and should stick to the point. Instead of beating around the bush, get direct with the audience. The more you relate to them and the quicker you do that, the better your results will be.

While you are keeping your video short, do not forget to add specifications. It is necessary for your character’s persona to be able to have a distinguishing factor which can only come by sharing little pieces of information that sets your character apart from others and makes it relatable.

2. Be clear with your message:

Clarity: something we all wish we have about the different aspects of life. Just like that we need to be very clear with the message that we are sending out. Refrain from using difficult words that might not be understandable by your audience.

The simpler you keep your message, the clearer it will be.  Do not make the same mistake that every other start up makes. Refrain from telling your audience everything about your business in a 2 minute animated explainer video. All you need to do is get them interested, and then you will have plenty of time to bore them with the details once they become your customer.

3. Keep it casual:

Your audience needs to feel like you are connecting with them or at least trying to connect with them. We are not asking you to use slang to make it sound like a casual chit chat between two friends, but we are also not asking you to be so formal that the viewer becomes uncomfortable with all the excess formality. Follow the general rule of thumb, which is to focus on your audience. If you have a product, which requires a casual chit chat with your audience, then write your script keeping that in mind. If you make products or sell service which is specifically for CEOs and CFOs then yes, using a formal tone would be the way to go.

It is better to find a middle ground so you are able to please people from all backgrounds.

4. Add humor to lighten things up:

Okay so don’t get us wrong. We definitely aren’t asking you to throw in some dad jokes here and there, but we definitely want you to make your script humorous and light. No matter how tired you are, a good joke will always make you laugh. Just like that, animated explainer videos shouldn’t be watched with a poker face. We want people to watch it with full interest and the key to that is by adding humor in the script. An animated character making your audience laugh will only work in your favor, creating lots of conversion opportunities. I mean look at Redbull for example. Their content is funny without crossing a line hence keeping the viewers hooked.

Start with humor so your audience steers clear of the boredom world.

5. Answer your audience’s query in the first 30 seconds:

If you want the audience to watch your video till the end or for more than 30 seconds, then you need to be very clear of your offerings. Start by asking your viewers a question that covers their pain points. Once you correctly identify their problem, that’s when you propose your solution. You keep your audience engaged up until you give them a solution that is worth their time. If you take too long to do that, then your audience might leave you hanging and switch before you even had a chance to explain any further.

So, whatever you do, it is always a good idea to start with a question and propose a solution within 30 seconds. This develops trust as well because the audience starts to believe that you can actually help them.

This is the ultimate cheat sheet for writing a killer explainer video script, that will not only help you get amazing conversions but will also create a positive buzz which will help generate a positive word of mouth related to your brand.

Need to write the script for an animated explainer video? Look no further, because in this blog we     have written the ultimate hack to nail your script for an explainer video. Read on to see the Do’s and Don’ts of writing a script.
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