Covid 19 is the talk of the day in every part of the world. In the message adressed to university students FOTABE UNIVERSIT in Cameroon, we can pull out many things which can apply to every other student and every other Cameroonian to reduce the spread of the virus.
Dear University community!
Our nation and the world as a whole is being ravaged by a deadly pandemic - the COVID - 19 (CORONA VIRUS).
At FOTABE UNIVERSITY, we have and will continue to take measures that ensure continuation of courses despite the effective shut down of some national activities. Such measures include but not limited to the following:
1. We have engaged the entire student body on our E - Learning platform where they will continue to receive lectures and have access to recorded and saved notes.
2. We have more recently updated and upgraded our E- Library to carry any and all textbooks, for all courses offered on campus so all of our students have access to an electronic copy of their text books
3. We have made sure sure all our students have laptop computers to facilitate their online learning during this period
4. All courses will maintain their regular time for lectures unless it is modified with time either by the faculty member and or the Dean of the University.
In this regard, we also ask you for the following:
Dear Parents - please make sure to respect your child/ children's class periods. We know if could be hard but pretend they are not home. Students shall be graded on attendance and participation in class so do well to encourage them rather.
Dear Students - please make sure you stick to your regular course schedules unless otherwise as shall be needed from time to time.
And please remain glued to this page for any and every update that shall be made during period.
Notwithstanding, we must all continue to make sure we take proper precautions as advised and expressed by any and all authorities concerned herein.
Thank you for your continued support, collaboration and coordination as we stand together to fight this deadly virus.
Remain blessed.
Roland Fomundam, President.
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