Mid day  today we received videos of South African burning shops of foreigners  with the streets in chaos. South Africa is known to host companies the a set up in many other African countries like MTN and DSTV. It does attract others to tap into the economy of South Africa by investing in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela fought for a better South Africa so blacks can have their place. However today, the same blacks are up against the same color they have. South Africa is a country known for xenophobia over the past years. The dead of Lucky Dube is was even rumored to be linked to xenophobia though not confirmed since he was shot.       

South Africans are reported to be killing foreigners in the country. They’re breaking into shops and burning shops. Most black foreigners come from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe among others. They are experiencing huge losses in their businesses as well as lives re being lost.  Below is one of the videos we got , some were really violent that we had to keep kit away from our readers .

This is quite a discouraging factor to blacks looking forward to investing in South Africa. South Africa is known as the home of some to Web hosting companies in Africa, to crypto currency trading platforms in Africa among others.

Several reactions and opinions had been given to this act discouraging investment in South Africa.
YR Beri, said Black South Africans are suffering from entitlement and laziness. Its quiet a shame to burn a fellow human being especially when no crime is committed.  

 How Business Should be Ready for Xenophobic Attacks
Stay safe
accept digital payment to avoid  asset and cash losses.
Accept bitcoin which can be transferred any time in case the state support their citizens. 
Will you invest in South Africa given the frequent xenophobic attacks on blacks .

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