Most female employees approach parenting systematically – they take classes, give birth, nurse and come back to work. However, the last part is a lot trickier than it seems. Keeping another human being alive takes a lot of time and effort, leaving almost nothing for thriving in your career. Luckily, being a working mother isn't impossible. As long as you know how to deal with the difficulties you're about to face, you're good to go. But what are the biggest challenges working mothers face? Read on to find out.

Extra costs

Bringing up a child can take a big chunk of your budget every month. The problem is, your paycheck is probably the same is it was before but your expenses have significantly increased. Even if you add your partner's paycheck into the equation, getting accustomed to extra expenses is still tough. With that said, it's a good idea to keep looking for ways how you can cut your expenses and set aside a little bit of money at the end of each month. If you think you can do something else while looking after your little one, you can also start your own mom blog and use it to give your monthly budget a boost.

Divided attention

Juggling parenthood and a career can take a toll on your well-being but your little one isn’t spared either. No matter if it’s your first child or not, leaving them at home or at a daycare center while you work can be extremely emotional. This is what people refer to as “mommy guilt” and it’s something you simply have to face as a working mother. Maintaining a successful career also means you’re likely to miss out on some precious moments with your child, especially if your job includes traveling. It’s important to remember that feeling guilty isn’t going to help. Instead, plan your day and make sure you find the right playgroup for your child to join while you’re working.

Division of housework

Stay-at-home mothers don’t only have more time to spend with their child but are also able to get most housework done themselves. However, when chasing a career and raising a child, a woman doesn’t get to do all that. This means that there’s a need for division of housework between the spouses. When done right, this division can help both parents balance their work and parenthood. Therefore, make sure you know your partner’s work schedule and try to divide housework in a way so that you both get to spend enough time with your little bundle of joy. It’s a good sign that traditional roles of husbands and wives are evolving and they’re expected to continue doing the same in the future.

Increased stress

Studies have shown that working mothers face more stress than women who decide to focus on either parenting or their career. Multitasking is known to cause stress and make it tough to stay productive. However, working mothers almost always tackle multiple tasks at the same time which leads to an increased amount of stress. The problem is even bigger with single mothers who have even less free time and more stuff on their mind. Working mothers who feel like they’re facing too much stress can consider working from home if it can help relieve stress without impacting their career and financial situation.
Being a working mother definitely isn’t easy. The key here is to manage your time as effectively as possible and not forget about personal pursuits even though there are so many things for you to worry about. Divide responsibilities with your partner and give your best not to get pulled into an endless cycle of exhaustion.

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