Presented officially on September 20, 2018, Yabadoo is a free mobile application, available for Android and iOS, that allows MTN subscribers to access more than 40 live TV channels, and hundreds of videos (movies and series) to the demand.

 After Nexttel and Orange Cameroon, it is MTN Cameroon's turn to enter the local market for streaming and mobile TV. Indeed, since last September, the operator has been offering its subscribers a video on demand and live television service via a mobile application called Yabadoo.

It took three years after the launch of its 3G and 4G networks, so that MTN Cameroon finally decided to offer its subscribers a mobile TV service. With Yabadoo, MTN becomes the third mobile operator to offer mobile video content services in Cameroon, 4 years after the launch of MOBI TV by Nexttel; and two years after the launch of Mobile TV by Orange Cameroon in June 2016 and the Nexttel TV Mobile App in August 2016.

What is MTN Yabadoo?

For the design of its mobile application VOD and mobile TV, MTN Cameroon has chosen to trust ApliTV, the technological company publisher of the application Nexttel TV. It is also on the developer account of the Lebanese company, hosting since 2 years the Nexttel TV application, that Yabadoo is now available on Google Play and App Store. The application counts in only 3 months, already more than 50 000 downloads on Play Store.

It is important to point out that unlike Orange and Nexttel, MTN Cameroon did not wish to baptize or even personalize the mobile application. No trace of the mark MTN Cameroon in the application, nor in the imprint. In the settings, the application is just presented as "powered by the version apliTV 1.04.49" with a link the site; website on which there is no mention of the mobile operator either. In addition, just a few days ago that the word "(Powered by MTN)" was added next to the title of the application in Google Play. It therefore seems that MTN Cameroon simply markets the Yabadoo application on its network, and that it does not belong to it.

                  How to use Yabadoo
1) Installation
The Yabadoo app is quite simple and easy to use. Upon download and installation, it is required to choose a language, and add an MTN phone number.

You will receive a confirmation SMS that allows you to create an account; account from which billing of the service will be made.
fter this you can then immediately start accessing the TV channels and videos available in the app. Of course, the application works exclusively on the MTN network whether you are in Mobile Data or Wifi.

                            Services You will Benefit from the Yabadoo APP
Video on demand:
The application Yabadoo, contains to date more than 200 films of all kinds (action, romance, comedy, animated films, horror, science fiction etc.) and a dozen series of Cameroon (My story, The trial, fatal secrets ...) and American (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Prison Break ...).

Mobile TV
The Yabadoo app also offers MTN Cameroon subscribers access to some 40 English and French television channels, from Cameroon and elsewhere. You can find: CRTV, Equinox TV, Nina TV, Channel 2 International, Channel 2 English, Channel 2 Movies, Vision 4, Africa Media, Vox Africa, TV Boom, STV, LTM, TV5 World Africa, StadAfric, CRTV News, France 24, 24/7 TV, Africa News, Africa News English, Sports TV, African Series Zone, Fashion TV, One TV, Cartoon TV English, Football TV English, Russia Today, Russia Today Documentary, France RT, Deutsche Welle, Mangas TV, Tivi5 World, Sweet Radio, Fun Series Zone, Movies News, Gossip, Liberty TV, Fun Zone Series, TV5 World Style, Non-Stop People.
MTN equally offer special Sport offers when you subscribe to mobile data for free.This offer started during the CAN 2019 in Egypt. dont forget to get your free data.

The Yabadoo app does not consume mega, just like Nexttel TV and unlike the Mobile TV Orange Cameroon. As a result, the application remains accessible when there is no internet package in progress. However, to access the various content offered in the application, you must buy PASS.

For television, users have the choice between 7 TV packages available from 100 Francs for 2 hours of broadcast or PASS Channels at 500F for 30 days. The films are billed at 350 F per film and the series from 500 Francs per season. The prices are being updated depending on the period. Feel free to check out more about the pricing on the App.

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