Business casual is one of the most difficult dress codes to decipher in the modern business world. What makes it so difficult to crack is that the rules you’re supposed to follow often heavily depend on the company your work for and the city it’s based in. Since dressing appropriately is one of those things that can make or break your career, mastering the art of business casual is extremely important. With that said, here’s a guide that should help you come up with just the perfect outfits for work.

Get to know the basics

As mentioned earlier, business casual wear isn’t strictly defined. However, there are some rules that work for every company and every place in the world. What most companies that require you to dress casual business expect is a hybrid of business professional and casual wear. This means that a strapless sundress paired with flip-flops isn’t a good option, but neither is a full-on suit. Instead, it’s all about mixing business attire such as pants and blazers with casual tops and accessories. It’s also important to remember that the most suitable colours for business casual wear include black, brown, gray, beige and white.

Dress according to industry

Most of the time, the definition of business casual is determined by the industry you work in. For example, the rules aren’t the same if you’re a bank teller or a stylist. Working in a bank means you’re supposed to dress more formal than casual while a job in the fashion industry allows you do go for a street style rather than formal. Your safest bet is to think about your professional setting and ensure you opt for something that won’t stand out. Some jobs require you to wear uniforms but you’ll still have meetings where you’ll be required to dress business casual.

Don’t forget about footwear

Just like you have to choose the right clothes and accessories for work, you also need to make the right choice regarding your footwear. No matter if your work involves being on your feet or sitting behind the screen, wearing well-fitting and comfortable shoes is a must. A good thing about business casual is that you don’t have to wear your limo shoes but you can choose something you can walk a few blocks in without your feet hurting. This is exactly why solutions such as NRL ugg boots which are both stylish and comfortable are a perfect option.

Play it safe

Whether you’re new at the company or you’re meeting an important client, nailing the dress code is the key. This is exactly why many women actually end up overdoing it, which makes them stand out. You’d probably want to avoid this and the safest way to do so is to for conservative and classic. For example, a pair of trousers and classic shirt is always going to do the trick. The same goes for any accessories you plan to wear. A structured bag and jewelry that doesn’t scream attention is something you can never go wrong with.

Remember that you’re dressing for work

What many women get wrong is that business casual isn’t all about being stylish. While looking good is important, it’s critical that you feel comfortable in the workplace. After all, how can you expect to be productive if you’re not feeling good in the outfit you’ve chosen? Think about what you feel most comfortable in and see if it’s formal enough to wear for work. Obviously, sweatshirts (even though they’re comfortable) shouldn’t be an option unless they’re considered acceptable in your industry.

Final thoughts

There’s no reason for any woman out there not to go to work without ensuring she looks well. Most companies nowadays prefer their employees to dress business casual and knowing how to master this dress code is a huge plus. Start by following this guide and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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