There should be no doubt that we are living in the golden age of startups. The doors to investors, mass marketing channels and a global audience are probably wider open than ever before. What does that mean for one-man startups we continue to see rising on a daily basis?

Well, on the one hand, the business climate has changed for the better, and running a one-man job does provide a great sense of freedom. On the other hand, the weight of the project is entirely on the entrepreneur's shoulders. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can overcome this giant hurdle and make your single-person startup work.

Improve your writing skills

Running a single-man startup means that all activities regarding PR releases, blogging, SEO and content marketing, in general, will befall on your shoulders. With the way things are, sharpening your writing skills to meet the current blogging standards should be one of your top priorities. In order to do this, you will first need to do a lot of reading, spend a couple of hours each day practicing and work to gradually remove filler from your articles. Also, improving your grammar will do you no harm.

Use streamlined tools

As they become more mature, software products tend to expand their capabilities – sometimes a bit too much. Take for example Photoshop or Microsoft Word. The things you will need in certain situations may be buried under tons of features you will probably never use. All this baggage only wastes your time and makes learning curves unnecessary steeper. What you should do instead is take a thorough look at your future obligations, find the streamlined, specific tools you will need to accomplish them and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Start building a professional network

Being a one-man company doesn’t have to mean you need to rely solely on your skills and acquaintances. On the contrary, this specific situation makes reaching out to other parties absolutely necessary. An answer to this problem can be found in creating professional networks that can help you access the investors, open up the possibilities for joint ventures and make social media marketing that much easier. Of course, creating a LinkedIn profile makes a foundation for all the later efforts.

Invest in liquid assets

There is really no point in underlining how volatile the current economy is. What should be pointed out, though, is that you will have enough weight on your shoulders even without worrying about the different currencies and economic trends, especially if you are to engage in the global business arena. That is why you should consider investing your capital in liquid assets like hard-wearing platinum bars that can be easily transferred and exchanged anywhere in the world. This move will also make your business more fluid and potential relocation effortless.

Create a functional website

Regardless of the industry you are going to engage in, having a functional website is an absolute must. The website serves as a foundation for your content strategies, social media efforts as well as your virtual business card other parties will use to evaluate your one-man organization. Be sure to make it as professional looking as possible. The good news is that acquiring the necessary knowledge to do so is not that hard – pushing your HTLM5, CSS and JS skills to sufficient level won't take you more than a couple of months.

Outsource whatever you can

You can consider this as a cheat, but building a complete business infrastructure to run a single-man company is not only counter-intuitive but counter-productive as well. Take for instance web hosting. Why would you run the company servers on your own equipment when you can easily find an affordable and private server hosting with Microsoft Windows? The same can be said about bookkeeping, accounting, legal issues, and other menial tasks that are better left to professionals with years of experience in their dedicated branches.

Use automation

Finally, it's good to know that some of your future entrepreneurial tasks are busywork that can be easily automated with the right tools. Let's take e-mail marketing as an example. Going through your e-mail lists manually can take you hours of menial work. On the other hand, automated e-mailing tools can save you all this trouble and allow you to shift your focus elsewhere. Other tasks that can be easily set to auto-pilot are basic customer service, telemarketing, data entry and similar.
We hope these seven tips will help you finally take the initiative and start your one-man startups. The circumstances are probably better than ever. It would be such a waste to miss the opportunity because of the various hurdles this unique business model admittedly throws at you.
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