I have been receiving so many calls on free internet. Dear readers , I don’t offer internet services since i am not an ISP. However i give tips for educational purpose on free internet. I love palying around with electronics and share anything i find useful.

If there is one thing i should tell Cameroonians now i will say ‘’Let there be internet’’   . Note that when you have free internet you have a limited data and can’t use it to do all task. So if you use any of the free internet services and succeeds, you should be thinking on how to raise money and upgrade to premium services where you can get unlimited data and secure internet services

 It it is a new month and time to think differently regarding the use of free internet in Cameroon. Here is another opportunity for you to get free internet on your mobile phones. For any worries on getting free internet on your PC,  click here for PC interent
Step One
Down load and install ucb web browser at www.ucweb.com  or visit   Google play store if you have an android phone .

Go the  to your  ucb browser menu  and enter the following

-proxy Server: http: //www.mtnplay.cm/default.aspx.
 For orange use

-Front query: 067,215,065,132
-Enter any of the following Ips ip ucweb


123 151 148 167

123 150 202 252

Proxy 8080

Note that, This tutorial works best for mtn . 

Here is a setting best for orange Cameroon

IP address
port 80
*username orange
*password orange
- proxy server mms.orange.cm

For black berry
Mtn black berry browsing-Nexttel
Click on phone to go Free internet with Black berry

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