Saving a whatsapp status on your phone or PC is not an easy task.There is need for  trick or software to get this done. Before we begin, let go through the status update fearures.
In 2017 , whatsapp introduced  the status sharing feature just like snap chat.  This feature was equally introduced on Facebook messenger and instagram as Facebook Inc owns both apps.
The status feature is very great as we see great updates of pictures ,Videos,Gifs and others from our friends .
However, such updates usually stay for 24 hours. For pictures, we can easily take a screen shot and edit if we want to keep the status (Story) share.

Downloading  or saving  whatsaapp status is not very easy. There are so many boring apps, that take up useful space on your phone to download whatsapp status.

It is equally boring when you ask for someone to send you the picture or video all the time. Think of it if you want to get a status that your friend uploaded because he was high or something. He wont really have the time to share with you given he has his brain to take care of. There thus need for you to know how to make fun of someoene;s status without making that person know.
In this post , i will show you how to download a whatsapp video without using an software or App.

let us get started
Requirements: Mobile phone, PC and internet connection.

STEP ONE : Login to whatsapp web on your PC  and scan with your phone.

STEP TWO :  Click on the status  mark (indicated in red on the screen shot below)

STEP THREE:   Scroll down to the  persons status you want to download or click ctrl f and type the name of person if you have many contacts like me.

STEP 4: Right click on the status and copy the video URL.

step 4: Open a new tab and past the link . On the new tab  , right click and   select ''save video as''

There you go, your have just saved  whatsapp status without using any App.

For Saving whats app Images, on PC. Simply open the status and right click and select ''save image as''.
Whatspp is the number messaging App. Catching all the fun on this App is very great and you should not be left out. Making use of all the functionalities and features are great but saving the moments makes it greater.

I will share with you in my next post on how to save whatsapp status on your Phone.For now let us know if this worked for you or not. Enjoy  your day with whatsapp.
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