Not very sure, how effective Google free WiFi SERVICE and the facebook free internet service is effective, we decided to search for working Proxies for Indonesia with Opera Mini Browser and Psiphon VPN. It is always good at times to try using free internet so as to experience unlimited browsing. 

We recently found a working proxy for Opera Mini browser. It was tested  with Indonesian networks and Cameroon networks. You can try it in your country and let know if this is working all over the world. We cannot travel around the world testing free internet but we can share free internet tips around the world.  Below are the steps


1. Psiphon VPN
Psiphon is a VPN-like services that offers security and  encryption of great quality. Psiphon  can be  run in VPN or Whole Device mode where all applications are tunneled through Psiphon.

 Psiphon is different from privacy tools such  Tor or PGP in that  a variety of technical tricks  such as HTTPS, SSH+, proxy servers and others can be used rather than one specific design to help users evade online censorship..

2. Opera Mini Handler
The opera Mini handler is a necessary tool for anyone interested in getting free internet.  With thousands of networks such as Airtel,Vodafon,Globe and more, the opera handler is a loophole which leaks data for proxy. It can further be considered as a server based method of acessing the internet .The major advantages of the Opera browser are that it comes with a free VPN, built-in ad blocker and battery saver. You can always use google to find the latest version of the apk. But you can download it here

3. A Smart Phone

                  Using Free Internet with Operamini

This does not require much, you just need to enter this  APN settings on change them and replace with the details here.
Step1:  On your phone, go to Internet settings, Click on more, then Tap Mobile Networks(CellularNetworks) and   lastly Go to  Acces Point Names. 
Step 2: Upon Clicking on Access point names, you will see a + sign at the  top left of your screen. In some cases it is shown as '' Add New''.
 Step 3: Enter the following Details:

i.                   Name: opmin hanler 
ii.                APN:  lacimeja (Indonesia)
( please you can use the normal apn name  for your country e.g Cameroon , you can use ''nexttel'' 
To Know the apn name, open an existing apn setting and copy the details except the proxy.
iii.              Proxy:
iv.              Port: 80

 Leave the rest blank and save
     On the Opera Mini Handler App  you should equally set the APN. 

With the Opera Mini handler set up you are set for free internet. To ensure you are safe since you are using  free internet, you can access you apps through the Psiphon  Pro App. This trick will work for all networks .

 All this had Been Tested and 100% working.  We wish you the best
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