Everyone loves shopping now and then. More and more people have started loving online shopping in recent years. It’s quick and easy, and when your goods arrive at your doorstep, it feels like you’ve got a gift from yourself for yourself.

It’s commonly believed that people prefer entering their credit card information right from the comfort of their own beds, rather than spending time waiting in line at cash registers or fitting rooms. And you also get to avoid the hassle of carrying all of the bags from your car to your home. We all know how much effort and strength this requires in one single trip. With online shopping, you can make a purchase today, have it arrive in a couple of days and all you have to do is unpack and use the item. Ridiculously easy!

For the past few years, online sales have been on a constant rise. eCommerce is the big thing right now – in fact, online sales are increasing on a daily basis. However, there are still plenty of people who actually prefer going to the store and having the hands-on approach to shopping. According to research, the total offline sales in the United States alone are ten times bigger than online. But the business of online is growing three times faster than offline shopping.

Pretty soon, online shopping is going to be the go-to preference for most, if not all people. With the possibility to also shop for products online, there may be no need for actual stores in the future.

Think about it: when shopping online, there’s no need to go out at a certain time because the stores are always open; you can compare the prices from several stores with the click of a button instead of going from one store to another, saving you a lot of time. Not to mention the possibility to score nice discounts or procure lucrative vouchers. Everything is in one place, and you can even get it with free shipping. There are no crowds or lines or rush to buy the last item before it gets sold out, and you have to go to another store across town… The possibilities of online shopping are endless!

The infographic below provides even more information about online and offline shopping so you can see for yourself who’s really winning.
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