Farming is the main source of income for over 65% of Cameroonians directly and indirectly. But for centuries, this noble profession continues to be marginalized and very little attention paid to it due to its several challenges in making it productive and profitable. 

Farmers are known to work very hard but earn very little. They are not included in the value chain of their produce despite their enormous input on a day to day basis. For example, a farmer's harvest that will be bought at the farms will be worth over 50X to the end consumer in the city or abroad. But the farmer ends up with smallest share. This has been the system in place and one of the drivers as to why farmers end up poor and hence less productive. 

But, this is about to change with Roland Fomundam and his GreenHouse Ventures Business model. The company has as its mission to increase quality and quantity of food using their innovative greenhouse technology while being environmentally conscious. 

Fomundam sounds and seems very confident about their mission statement and the business model in place to achieve this laudable initiative. He insists that what they are doing and even about to do has been done before though with slight difference. He compares his model to that similar of the former Cameroon Marketing Board. The Board worked with cooperative farmers where they will receive inputs for cultivation, harvest and sell at predetermined prices. Farmers had some assurances in their production efforts unlike now where there is so much uncertainty at the start and end of each production cycle. 

Fomundam further explains that market forces greatly affect production because most farmers consider such challenges in selling their produce prior to making decisions at the start of the planting season. He strongly believes that assuring a market for the farmers and then enabling them to produce more in quality and quantity is a great step towards achieving profits and sustainability in the industry sector that has been hammered since the dawn of time. 

To this effect, GreenHouse Ventures is now looking to engage millions of Cameroonian farmers around their business model and technology. They have as goal to engage them on win win possibilities as a means to make them more productive and more profitable. 

Everyone can get involve with GHV Cameroon. Fore more Info, Visit their official website
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  1. I think this is what Africans should rally behind to make money. God bless this innovation

  2. Adopting an alternative form of farming is very important for the growth of Cameroon and other countries where farming is a major activity. Thanks for this article.


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