Getting free stuff is the most exciting thing i love doing on the Internet. My favourite time here had been the moment i was sharing free Internet tips. Oh, yes!. As an online entrepreneur you have to look for the best professional services to make maximum profits.
Today, i am going to show you how you can start a website for free using a web hosting company that offers special web hosting solutions  in Cameroon called  MS IT Solutions.

Free Websites
You know i have been discouraging free hosting to anyone who is starting a serious  business on the web.  Always try your best to get at least a domain name before getting started. This can cost you between $10-20$ per year. Most websites that offer free hosting always limit your activities and can shut down your website at anytime without notification. 
Star a website for free with :

Why Talk Recommend Free hosting at MS IT solutions?
    I recommend you to get a free hosting here because the company offers a one month free trial to all its clients. This gives you access to all the webhosting features/benefits  such as 
*Cpanel ,
*content management system installation,
 *quick install services for over 400 scripts available, 
*Email accounts, FTP Accounts,
 *Unlimited My SQL Databases,
*Cron job scheduling, free website builder, 
*free website templates and licence images to use. 
*99.9% up time
* guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee when you upgrade. 
   Very few webhosting companies do this including hostgator which has been my favourite web hosting company since 2012.
                       How to start you Free Website with MS IT Solution
We are going to do this is 5 Simple steps.
Step1: Go to

Step2: Select any webhosting package that suits you and Click on Free trial. In the screen shot above i  selected the Starter package.  This takes you to a page that looks like the screen shot below;

STEP4:                                  Click on

and proceed to the next step
Step3: In the next page that opens, enter your domain name. e.g

You have the option to choose between different domain extensions such as,.com,.net,.org,.biz,.cm, and more. I  always recommend you to start with a .com domain. Making a choice for .cm for Cameroon and for Nigerians can be a wise one too. But consider securing the top level domain with .com extension first. 
Once you have confirmed your domain name, click on continue as  indicated with the red bar in the screen shit above. 

You have the option to transfer an existing domain to MS IT Solutions hosting account or update your name servers to you new hosting account .  Which ever way you want to go is left for you.

Step4: Select your billing cycle. You have the monthly plan and the annual billing cycle. which comes with great discount. 

Step5: Review your order ad select your payment method. The payment method s available include: PayPal, Bank transfer, Direct Debit and Mail In Payment.
NB: If you are a new customer, then you will need to fill  your basic information such as email,name, address,region,country  to create an account with a secure password.
With all this done, you can click on the ''Complete Order '' button to start enjoying your free one month hosting. 

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