Lately  i installed wordpress on one of our platforms and notice something unusual after signing out from wordpress.
When is  typed in the admin panel i could see just a link with /login. I could not find where to enter my user name and password as usual. I have not even published the site then All i could see is a dead page which made feel frustrated and worried.
The quick solutions is always to deactivate plugins when you are faced with wordpress website issues. But a bigger problem comes in when you cannot have access to the word press admin panel.

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My Solution: Deactivate all Plugin in the root folder.
 *Login to cpanel or using Filezilla
*Procced to file manager   and locate you theme folder
(Usual order is File manager----> Public.htm-------Themefolder)
 You can equally have access to the file manager using FTP clients like FileZilla, Cyberduck and others.
 In the theme folder Click on wp-content
Rename the plugin folder to something like plugin-ransbiz and that it it.

You can now type in yoursite/wp-admin and everything will work very well.

What next?
Hey remember this just solved the login problem on your word press website. You will need to have your site up and running the way you want it to be with your favorite plugins installed.
What you have to do is return to the file manager and renamed the folder to ''plugins''.
Then get back to the wordpress admin area and activate all plugins.
open on another browser to observe what happens when you decativate  all plugins one after the other till  the problem you encountered is no longer observed.
Happy word press blogging.

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