A cultural marketing summit and community uniting superstars and rising stars to shape the world of tomorrow.

Every great mind is expected to converge in Holywood on the 31st of July ,2017  to participate  in shaping the future.  Yes i did say everyone. This is possible if you make it to the WORLDZ  Summit come July 31st  2017.

                 What is WORLDZ?
WORLDZ is a cultural marketing  Summitt and community that unites superstars and rising stars. The summit will act a place to meet   experience professionals, learn from them, discover new talents, make your contributions in shaping the world of tomorrow and experience a community of great minds coming from all over the world.  The event will be a 2 days event ( July 31st-August 1, 2017 )

                                        REGISTER FOR WORLDZ HERE
WORLDZ   Summit is not just about tech but about the future of tomorrow.   It is not just a fashion event, a sport event  and more than you can think of. WORLDZ is an all in one event that brings  together the  key players in the food industry, electronic, fashion, sports, News, Food, Entertainment, Technology, Brewery and more together . WORLDZ   Summit is not just about tech but about the future of tomorrow. 

The WORLDZ Community is made of key decision makers in every business sector
Some of them includes: NIKE,SAMSUNG,NBA,whole foods,Coca-cola ,Tech Chrunch,Spotify and more. To see  the complete list visit t worldz Eventpage below.
 Opportunities at World Event page

The WORLDZ  summit in HOLLYWOOD will bring together More than 150 Masters and speakers ready to dish the secrets of success, innovative ideas, growth experience and the way forward to the future with you.  Tony Robins, Kathy Calvin, Shaun White,William, Kelly Slater  among several others will be there to dish out knowledge from billion dollars industries.  You and I should join these great people come July 31st 2017 in HOLYWOOD.
Some speakers and Masters that will be present at WORLDZ 2017        

It is an event of opportunities:
1.  You will be able to meet the world top influencers right next to you.
2. Brands will be exposed to top profiles in the world.
3.  Attending this event will be an opportunity to create life changing partnership.
4. This event is a life time opportunity for attendees to participate in projects that will make the world a better place.
                                 ARE YOU READY TO JOIN A CULTURAL MOVEMENT?
This is what WORLDZ is all about!!!                                  Reserve a place at the WORLDZ 2017 event NOW

 OK! Let us discover more about the WORLDZ 2017 Event:

 More than 40 Master Courses from the world biggest industries:
Master courses will be thought during this  Summit; Some courses includes: Building social media from scratch, Love is a battle field, Music partnership, The future of mobility, Unlocking your brain Potential and more.
 Master Courses at WORLDZ Summit

Discover the world's most innovative projects by great minds all around the world by witnessing the WORLDZ Summit.

No need to keep marking time, It is a life changing, life transformation and mind opening event  that need people like you and me to join in creating tomorrow .
Don’t just be participant, at the world summit. Get there, build a powerful network with the most popular brands, influencers and innovators and great minds. The WORLDZ   Summit is just another great opportunity to   create a strategic partnership with the world best brands and leaders.

                         HOW DO I Participate?
i. Visit the Worldz.us
ii. Register  for the event 
If places are still available you can proceed to reserve a hotel and flight for the big event.

Don’t miss it out, these people have attended WORLDZ  Summit before. Here is what they have to say:

See you in  Hollywood come JULY  31ST  2017.  Reserve your place now
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