Its is not by error that we have to talk of the future of design. In the past months, i have been looking into what the future holds in terms of money ( cryptocurrency).
While doing this i got some emails requesting me to write on cryptocurrency and the future of design. The future is not far.  These are all designs thanks to the evolution of technology.
But let us get to answer a basic question :

What does it mean when we talk of designing?

In my opinion, designing  is the act the act of creating things that  can

To get broader, let me share this definition from Business Dictionary ;
 Design is the realization of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing, model, mould, pattern, plan or specification (on which the actual or commercial production of an item is based) and which helps achieve the item's designated objective(s)
       Guess this can set us thinking on what we expect in this post and in the future. 

As i said the future will be complex. Complex here means, the future of design will be in was that many did not expect. I have though of e-food, Fabrice has thought of the contact lense, others have thought of flying cars and you might be thinking of something too right now. Well , i know the sixth sense is real, what a human being thinks about can be transformed to something real. These are all the thing we expect to see, use and experience very soon. Let us get to some trends which and designs we should expect.

1. The future of money 
I have mentioned cryptocurrency more than 3000 times in 30 days. Block chain technology is the technology of the future and should be mentioned in any topic that involves the future including designing. Bitcoin came as the game changer in the financial industry. Money in the Digital Format seem to be the best now especially with the experiences with bitcoins.Even though some crypto currencies have keep dropping or just stay below 1$ the future is still bright as many will wake up to realize and use these currencies.  
Why the Shift to Crypto?
*Banks charges are too high
*Some currencies dont seem to have lost value and the fastest way to switch and stay safe will,be block chain technology..
*Business have lost much money from charge backs.
       We have reserved  a special package to all who want to know this concept at

2. Hospitals and the Health Sector

Hospitals are part of the future design . Hospitals will close and those that will exist will have less patients. This is because doctors and nurses are becoming more of entrepreneurs as well as the evolution of medical gadgets. 
Only the poor people will have to go to the hospital since they might not be able to afford the medical gadgets. In communities like mine, some families will prefer to share the smart medical equipment. 
Online hospitals will be  the best option as  the future is  design to be the future of privacy when it comes to health. You can get prepared for this by learning how to benefit from websites like and others. 

   What will nurses and Doctors be doing?
Doctors especially in my country Cameroon who like sitting in the office will be very frustrated as they will have no nurse to shout at. Hehe, am serious about this. Doctors need to have the skills of the nurse now so as to stay safe in the future because nurses will actually replace doctors with the design that will come in to the health sector.

According to an article by , Dennis K. Berman  of Wall street journal, the major quon doctors always ask includes esti
i. what is wrong? 
ii. How do i cure what is wrong? 
These and other questions will be answered in the future by machines, thanks to nano technology.

3 .Entrepreneurship will be leaders
You might be asking why this is doing in here. Dont forget the world today is the world of entrepreneurship (win-win,make money,profits etc). With the evolution of technology, typical politicians will not be able to understand what entrepreneurs todays have design for the future. The only option will be to give up their places to the new generation of leaders who will be tech-centered. 

4. Africans will l have the best Designers and Gadgets
Africa is the continent of the future. The western world and China seem to be the best as of now. The African continent being the youngest continent have ideas that will surprise the world. We will have smart statues, smart villages with smart fons. No need to meet the chief again in the place for urgent meeting as every village will have a secret streaming site. 
It wont end there, African smart phones will be the best . That is the future of design when it comes to the future Africa( The Smart Africa). 

5. Multi Skills Individuals will be paid Higher
Yep. That says it all. Today, you will find a situation where job descriptions are extended. what i mean here is that , those with single skills will be paid less . The companies of the future will need people who have multiple skills in addition to what they are specialized in. points out that skills like trenndspotting, collaborating in news ways,building brands,developing emotional intelligence and learning the next-level technology as the four essential skills people will need to keep their jobs in the next ten years.  That is not all. The future  will bring skills which will require a higher pay check.  
Does it mean specialist will get less pay? The future is now. What can you see?

6. The Graphic Designs of the Future
 Graphic designers are the brain behind the success of businesses . They play a great role in designing  games, logos,videos, websites ,images,and others.

i. Infographics will be the best options to text in explaining most concepts.  
ii. GIF images will be the most used images on the websites and bloggers. 
Gif images can easily cause the reader to stay on a website than  the static formats such as .jpeg,.png etc.

                    Who will be Called a Graphic designer?
The services of graphic designers will be more costly. As such,  Many companies will prefer free lancers. Thus graphic designing will be a future career worth looking into.  
How i wish graphic designers can design the future as a whole. Can you do that?

7. Education: Open Education will be the  Champion 
The best form of education today is that which is  more commercially focused and responsive the needs of the   employer . Long gone are the day when education was focus on some kind of complex curriculum design by the government. 

With technological advancements  online learning has gain a lot of popularity. Online learning has helped many to gain  work-based skills at the comfort of their homes or office. Online qualifications at the moment are still not recognized by some people. 
This form of education will constitute the learning of tomorrow.

The  design of education in the future will be education which will focus on the learner with internet access.  Peer-to-peer learning will be widely recognized as a form of learning.
 Open access,open education and open software will be the best solutions to education. As such those in the educational field will have to focus on these concepts  as preparation for the future. 

8. The computers of the Future
Screen shot take from

This is what every body is looking up to. Laptops will gradually become an old technology as roll tops will replace laptops. 

9. Will Mobile Phones Get slimmer?
The computer came before the phone as you can see in 8 & 9. When i though of the future design of  phone that will be flexible. Hum, But remembered Lenovo did this.Check the Video below.

 Am a dumb or what? I did some research on google. Uswitch could stole my heart with amazing designs of future mobile phones.
Holographic displays,flexible frames,educational tools,environmental friendly smart phones, phones will become friends to humans  are  some features we expect to see on smart phone designs of the future which is actually now. If you are a smart phone designer just let us know what you are preparing for the future in the comment section. 

10. The Million dollar Career

With the future designs, Some careers will be wipe off in the future . New  jobs will be created . However i  believe one job title will be in high demand in the future.
                                                   What is that?
Answer: Cyber Security
Why is cyber Security the million dollar career in the future?
Every organisation or individual will depend on the Internet for day to day life. However, hackers ,crackers, scammers  and spammers will increase in number . As such everyone will need the services of a cyber security expert so as to stay safe. Investing in this domain or getting knowledge in cyber security is preparing for the  career design for the future. 
What about other careers?

As i said, new jobs will be created .  The health sector will give birth to may different  types of jobs ass doctors and nurses will have to be handling different task different from the traditional task handle today in the medical field. Take a look outside and just tell me what you can see in  when it comes to future careers.
  So, dear elders,mentors ,guardians and teachers, don't blame that little boy who will respond  '' I don't know'' when you ask about what he will like to do, Many jobs are still to be created so, juts let him be.

11. Our Cars of the Future

What i had always expect from car manufactures are cars that can fly . Somehow, i have not been up to date with the trends in cars compared to mobile phones,games and   computer technology as a whole. Popular mechanic listed some  cars worth waiting. You can check these cars  out.
After some research, i just found out that there  is something  more than flying cars.

i.Drivers will be useless when it comes to cars.  
   With smart technology you will be able to call up your car to pick you up.

ii. A new name  will probably be given to the new generation of cars as the technology will be a combination of cars and air craft.

iii. We will be able to have slim cars that can be used to move about even in our homes . These cars will not need any driving skills. Honda Asimo  will be at the top of this technology with the  thanks to the early introduction of the U3-X concept. This is the real design of  the cars of the future.

 iv.  I just cant stop thinking guys, the future design of cars will be so exciting. Cars will  act as muti-purpose transportation means ( air , water and land). Just watch for the future. Permit me to end here. See you in the future so we can enjoy the amazing designs. 
Companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW ,Volkswagen and others will need to partner with air craft companies or employ more air craft engineers to make this technology come true , if they want to stay in the games as new car companies will evolve from Africa with competitive technology. The design of future cars will look more like planes.

      What About  The Future Bikes?
Hey guys, we should not forget about the future bikes. Yamaha, Kawaski,Honda,BMW  among others are all ready to create the future bikes
i. Bike accidents will be reduced with smart bikes that come with smart lenses .
ii. The bike rider will not be in full control of the bike, thanks to the ridding Assist technology. 
iii. The best design of future Bikes will be three wheels.
iv. Quadricycle will be  taking over from the traditional bikes aka bicycle. 
    You can keep naming them. The future is here , let us enjoy the new designs of the future bikes. 
Africans will come up with a new concept of bikes which we are not aware of now. 

12. What about you and me?
            When i look at myself, the design of the future is about my business  and how it will be organised. In the future, RANSBIZ will  be powered in the cloud with automation at its peak. 
360  Abundance limited will be the company that will  have more than 1 billion contact lenses while  finalising the digitisation of Africa.   You might have many question in your mind. We will see More about this is the future. 

What about you?

13. The Design of the Future Continent
                                    WATCH OUT FOR AFRICA

In all we can say that the future gadgets, future cars, roads , jobs and food had not been invented. 
Investments now should be done intelligently . They should reflect the future else the impact will not be felt . 
Do you have a future technology ideas tor know of future technology devices? Let us know about it.
We should all be ready for the good things that technology will bring on to us. 

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organised by CGTrader
I hope you all enjoyed it . What do you think of the future design?

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