One of the most powerful feature of MTN Cameroon is that it can be used to do both local and international transaction. That is people can send money and receive money in and out of Cameroon just with the mobile phone.

 This service is no longer Available following a ban from BEAC

Sending Money Out Of Cameroon using Mobile Money
I have sent money to Nigeria and  Ghana using this service.  The service is available across Africa .
Money can be sent to the following countries:

You can send MTN mobile money to Benin  , Burkina Faso,Cameroon,Congo, Gabon,Ghana, You 

Money can also be sent from Cameroon to Guinea,Ivory coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, 

MTN mobile money also support transaction to Malawi, Mali, Mozambique,Niger,Nigeria, democratic republic of Congo,Rwanda,Senegal,Sierra Leon, Tanzania,Chad,Uganda, Zambia and more.

This is equally one of the safest way to send money abroad since you are not required to expose your bank account details or credit card details which can easily be hacked.

Tariff(Amount)                                     Cost

 1-50 000                                             25000
50 001- 100 000                                5000
100 001-300 000                                7500
300 000-500 000                                 9500
500 001-1 000 000                              15 000
You can send money to any bank account with your mobile phone. I listed some banks that you can send money to Nigeria  from Cameroon

Receiving Money
Sending money to Cameroon from UK, USA and other countries is done using world remit. You can determine the exact cost at the moment you are processing your transaction.  I use this service to receive online payments from abroad. It has been a very good alternative to Paypal and Payoneer which many are still to discover.
Have you ever done an international transaction with Mobile money?
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