Mobile phones and mobile banking (dorminated  by mobile money)   is one of the most used digital solutions in Cameroon. Several companies in Cameroon provide mobile money services some of them include; SGC Cameroon (Monifone), MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), Orange Money (OM)  and Express Union Mobile (EU Mobile).

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So far MTN Cameroon’s Mobile Money service and Orange Money services are the major services that every Cameroonian  is talking about. Just to remind you that these companies are the top telecom companies in Cameroon.
The services offered by these companies had become a threat to local money transfer companies including Express Union that has dominated money transfer in Cameroon for more than 10 years with little competition.
Hey! Do you still remember the TV Ad in which express union emerge victorious in a match/race?
Something else is happening now!.  

Majority of Cameroonians are using today prefer to use the mobile banking services of MTN and Orange to transfer money.  There are several reasons which I have out line in one of my post.
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One question still remain unanswered is;
 What is the Best Mobile money Service in Cameroon?   
In this post we will discover who is really the king in Mobile Banking in Cameroon AKA Mobile Money.

MTN Mobile Money(Momo)

Orange Money (OM)

1.Pin Code Length
2.Access Code
4. Service unavailable
I have noticed this  more than 10 times
Never notice
5.International Money transfer( From Cameroon)
Available to countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and others
Not Avilable for now
International Transfer (To Cameroon)
Momo users can receive money through world remit from USA, Belgium, UK and more.
Not Available as of now
6.  Time saving option
*users can confirm withdrawal without dialing any code(Pop up message)
* Confirm by dialing 126#
*Users can confirm withdrawal by dialing a single USSD
*Users can confirm from the main menu by dialing #150#
7.  Transfer to non-subscribers
Can send money to anyone with a mobile phone and mobile number from any network in Cameroon and other Africa countries
Can send money to anyone with a mobile phone and mobile number from any network in Cameroon
8.  Service online
*MoMo is available online on the web .
* It is also available online through MTN Mobile  android App.
* Service  can be accessed Online through the Orange Money Android App
9. API
*Mobile money API is available and  can be used by developers and online marketers to sell on their websites. 
*Further Market has made use of this API to provide easy integration as used by BetMoMo
*Orange money API is available.
*Jumia deals is one of the companies that has successfully integrated this API.

10. VISA Card
Available(OM VISA card)
*can be activated and deactivated on the main menu.

11. Bank to Mobile
For the moment you can transfer money from your Afriland bank account to Momo and vice versa.
OM users can transfer money to and from the following banks:
12. Coupons
Mobile money users :
*can acquire coupons
*Pay with MoMo coupons
*Check coupon balance
Not available for now.
13. Main Menu Options Available
For the moment  7
7 Options are available now.
Call: 7126 (pass word required).
Call: 8787
Google Plus
Call : 950

14. Pin code Reset

15. Reversing a transaction
*Not possible when money is sent to a subscriber.
*Possible when money is sent to a non-subscriber.
* Reverse with the help of an agent.
*Reversed when money is sent to a wrong/invalid number.
*A transaction cannot be reversed when money is sent from one OM account to another.
*It is Possible to reverse a transaction to   non-OM subscriber
*Reversed automatically if the user have not withdrawn the cash within 1-2 weeks  *possible when money is sent to the wrong/invalid number

16. Account to Account fees
MTN charges clients when the send money from one account to another
Sending money from one account to another is free(0 XAF) with Orange money 

I have not included the tariffs on the list: Read the of the following post if you want more information on the cost of sending and receiving money with you Mobile money Accounts (Orange and MTN Mobile Money.
We hope our table has helped you to discover some excellent features of the mobile banking services of MTN Cameroon and Orange Cameroon. 

 I love both services as I used them  to pay bills, make online payment, receive international transactions among others. Just Observe the table above.

MTN Mobile money has more subscribers than Orange and thus a recommended service to get started with if you want to use just one. To make full use of the mobile banking services used in Cameroon, creating a both Orange money and MTN mobile money accounts is very important.

In your opinion who should be given the mobile banking crown in Cameroon?
                          MTN Mobile Money or Orange Money?

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